Aging In Place: How to Outfit Your Home and Give It a Timeless Quality

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Baby Boomers have been known for their rebellious nature as a generation. Even in their golden years, most of them would rather own their own homes and not live in assisted-living facilities.

With tens of thousands of Boomers hitting the age of 65 at a daily rate, you’d be surprised that 76% of Boomers have their own properties and 88% of these folks plan to renovate their homes within three years. Some are even in the process of making home improvements in the midst of the pandemic.

While this really doesn’t make the market stronger, the appeal of staying in a house you know and love for the long haul can also contribute to an older adult’s physical and mental health as studies found that aging in place is tied closely to their overall health and well-being.

If you are one of them or you know someone from that certain group, check the list we’ve prepared below before you call any general contractor for remodeling.

1. Kitchen Remodeling

Typically, kitchen renovations are the most expensive but bring a good return, especially if you’re looking to resell. But as already mentioned above, we’re giving you ways to remodel the home that’s good to last you a lifetime.

One of the best things you can do in anticipation of hitting your golden years is to install an adjustable kitchen island that can lower itself at the push of a button to accommodate wheelchair-bound users.

2. Bathroom Updates

Another update that adds value to a home is bathroom improvement. Prevent nasty slips and falls from happening by replacing the flooring with non-slip material.

You may also replace the showerhead with a handheld shower (or install one and keep the showerhead). It allows seniors to conveniently take a bath easily eliminating the need to stand for a long time in the bathroom.

Grab bars, handrails, and lever faucets also make it convenient and safe for older adults to use the bathroom.

3. Bedroom Improvements

The bedroom should be the most comfortable room in any home. Improvements to make it more comfortable will be a big help for older adults, especially if they’re physically impaired.

For one, getting a bed that’s lower than the regular ones should be one of your top priorities if you’re living with a senior citizen. An ADA-approved bed should be 20 to 23 inches high, from the floor to the top of the mattress. That should be low enough to provide more comfort for its user.


4. Adjustable Closets

Not only are adjustable closets very practical, but they’re also very useful when it comes to managing space and clutter. With the number of clothes and possessions you accumulate over the years, you will need as much storage space as you can.

Adjustable closets help you address storage space concerns because they’re flexible. You can put away clothes on shelves or bigger things like canes and walkers by taking out some tiers.

5. Automated Appliances

One of the boons of technology is how it continues to develop ways to make our lives better and more convenient. With the increasing popularity of automated appliances and smart technology, getting around the house and maintaining it is now a breeze, even for our older loved ones.

With the power of voice activation and smart apps, seniors no longer need to exert too much effort getting things done at home, even if it’s as simple as turning the lights on or changing the room temperature.

6. Flooring

According to the CDC, 1 in 4 adults aged 65 and above fall every year. These falls and trips sometimes lead to head injuries and broken bones.

When it comes to flooring, smooth and even surfaces are ideal especially for older people. Just try to avoid slippery flooring materials. If you’re having carpets installed, make sure that all corners and edges are set in place. Avoid area rugs which can cause accidents.

7. Levers instead of Doorknobs

Changing your doorknobs to levers and installing them at a slightly lower height can make it easier to grab and open for people of all ages.

Retrofitting your house with the updates listed above can help your home be more friendly to the elderly, especially if your parents are living with you if you’re a Gen Xer. While updating a home goes beyond generational lines, you can’t deny that living in a house you know and love for a long time is always a great thing.

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