Augmenting The Lips In The 20s


While the decade may have started on a bit of a low, there is no reason why the 20s can’t be reminiscent of the roaring good time people had a century ago; high fashion, and a new bold look in the choice of make-up women opted to wear was all the rage back then and similarly today, a high fashion look is all the rage now. Fox eyes and augmented lips have been made highly desirable and almost normal by people like the Jenner sisters who have led the way forward when it comes to non-invasive procedures and injectables, making it an almost commonplace treatment for many women. Lip fillers in Harley Street are as normal for women as going to get their nails done.

What are lip fillers?

Injectable lip fillers are the most common method used to augment the lips by plumping them up with a gel-like substance made from hyaluronic acid (HA). HA is naturally produced by the body and it loves to absorb water, and this creates a hydrated plumped look when used in cosmetic products and when injected into the lips has the same effect. The following provides an explanation on how they are administered:

First the lips are numbed with a local anesthetic in order to minimise discomfort. Then the gel is carefully injected into the lip by a trained professional who can enhance the shape and fullness of the lip with a trained eye in order to give patients the look they are hoping to achieve. This only takes a few short minutes with immediate results which can last up to 6 months depending on the individual, although there are those who need a top-up every 4 months to maintain a plumped and shapely appearance.

Who can get lip fillers?

getting a lip filler

These fillers can be used by anyone for any reason. Perhaps, there is a woman in her 20s who wants to keep up with the fashion by plumping up the size of her lips or a person in their 40s who has lost fullness around the mouth and wants to rejuvenate a youthful appearance. Lip fillers can also be used to balance the fullness in the lips, as some people have a much thinner upper lip than bottom and want to create a symmetry in their lips, and lip fillers can be used to achieve this aesthetic. Being a temporary procedure there are those who simply need a once off treatment for an event, as sometimes a bride or mother of the bride wants to look their best for a wedding photograph and a filling treatment a few weeks beforehand won’t go amiss.

Is there a risk?

Being the most frequently used cosmetic enhancement procedure people may not realise the risk in getting fillers from someone who is not a medical professional. Risks are low when there is a doctor or dentist administering the injections and should a patient react poorly to this regulated substance, they will be able to dissolve it easily and help maintain the patient’s health which is the most important thing. But in the case where a black market substance is used in the lips – which happens more frequently when used by unregistered professionals – dangerous complications may arise.

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