Turn Your Backyard Into a Haven for Your Furry Friends

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Pets are a treasure. Owning one or many always feel like a family expansion. If your family of pets is growing fast, they’re gonna start needing a fancy outdoor space to play and hang out in. After all, spending time outdoors is beneficial for your pets. Exposure to fresh air and a healthy amount of sunlight promotes wellness for your paw friends. Holistic vet Dr. Edward Bassingthwaighte of Dogs Naturally Magazine cited the following;

“All mammals that are active during the day are very sensitive to the sun and need exposure to raw sunlight throughout the day to be healthy.”

If you have a backyard, you can transform it into a safe play zone for your four-legged friends. Take inspirations from these frisky ideas for a pet-friendly backyard.

Fancy fences for pet security

“Petscaping” your backyard starts with constructing this structure. Tall vinyl ones would be perfect for your big Tamaskan buddy. Live your dollhouse fantasy with your small cats by choosing white picket fences. This would depend on a combination of your pet’s safety and your aesthetic preferences. What’s important is to guard them against unfriendly pet neighbors and pet theft.

In a Time article, Animal Legal Defense Fund stated that some 2 million pets were stolen on average each year in the U.S. You don’t want your pets to end up in that statistic. Fences would keep your furry companions sheltered while savoring the summer sunshine.

Cozy pet houses for comfy rests

It would mean so much for your pets if they can rest comfortably in pet houses after long hours of playing. Wooden shelters would help them cool themselves while outdoors. Keep the houses classic-looking with varnish finishes. A 3-story home on your lawn would be an instant hit for your cats. Make their indoor breaks as worthwhile as their outdoor fun time.

Multi-leveled hammock for your curious cats

Cat owners know that their feline friends love to climb and jump from high places. It’s actually their hunting instincts. Let them hone their skills with multi-leveled hammocks that you can purchase online. You can also try a DIY cat-tree hammock which would complement your grassy lawn for a jungle feel.

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Doggie pool for your next pet party

You’re gonna attract a lot of pet parents when they see this fancy water attraction. Invite them and their pets for a barbecue party. Mingle with friends while letting your pets enjoy a pet pool party on the side. This structure could take a lot of space in your backyard. Meticulous planning with landscape contractors is needed to execute the construction. But all the effort will pay off once your dogs start to whoop it up in the water-filled refuge.

Pet labyrinth and playground to explore

Keep your pets busy as they navigate the maze inside their playground. You could even make this complex structure the focal point of the pet space. They would surely enjoy going through the narrow passages looking for exits. Don’t forget to reward them with treats and drinks after their long exploration.

Scratching posts and sandpits to keep their claws busy

If there’s one thing your cats and dogs love to do, it’s scratching. Support this habit by putting up scratching posts for your cats. In this way, you can stop them from scratching surfaces you don’t want them to. The same goes with your dogs. Save your couches from their claws by putting sandpits on your lawn. Build a sunken one to make it extra. Surround it with rocks to prevent the sand from flying everywhere.

Catios and dog lofts for a chic relaxation spot

If you haven’t encountered this word yet, a catio is just a combination of cat and patio. It’s a patio for your cats. This enclosed space can house a lot of structures and contraptions your cats can truly appreciate. You can put a platform where they can sit while enjoying the sunlight. Place an exercise wheel to keep your cats fit and healthy. For your dogs, it would be hard for them to resist a trendy loft. Construct a little sofa for your dogs to sit on. They’d surely love the feeling of a nice cushion that comes with it. These are also the best places where you can place their automatic feeders.

Turn your backyard into a space where your adorable pets could all interact with each other. It’s a perfect spot for you to spend time and bond with them. Get that backyard upgraded and bring the fun outside.

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