Prep Your Home Before Your Vacation

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Are you or your family planning a vacation beyond the four corners of your home? There’s one thing that often slips the mind -and that is preparing your house before departing.

A fun-filled trip could soon turn sour if you come home to discover that some concerns or circumstances should have been prevented in the first place. Don’t allow the thrill of your vacation to blind you to possible dangers; ensure you’re not leaving your house in a vulnerable condition.

Here’s a list to help you prepare your home for a lengthy trip.

Clean Up

It might seem tedious, but a little straightening up can pay dividends after you come back from your vacation. Doing duties before leaving your ordinary routine will not have to worry about them when you get home.

Include these tasks in your to-do list. Dust off surfaces, vacuum the carpets, tidy up corners, and dispose of waste. To prevent bacteria accumulation, flush the waste disposal and sink with a vinegar and water solution, and pour some bleach into toilet seats.

Suspend Subscriptions

A stack of tabloids and mails on your front porch is a dead giveaway that the residence is empty. To avoid attracting the attention of criminals and trespassers, unsubscribe from correspondences and newspapers as early as three days before your trip.

It’s worth noting that you could choose to keep your correspondence on hold or have it forwarded. If you have friendly neighbors, you can request them to keep a close watch on periodical drops, as they might continue to arrive even after you have discontinued them.

Prioritize the Refrigerator

One home device uses a great deal of energy, so switch it off if you’re planning to skip town for a week or more. It’s best to consume, give, or throw out all food in your refrigerator. Once it’s empty, you can disconnect the appliance and cleanse the interior with a solution of water and baking soda. You can also keep an open package of coal inside to absorb odors and prevent mold and mildew development.

Alternatively, if you’ll be returning in a few days, leave it on to keep goods fresh. But, turn off the ice maker if your refrigerator has one.

Conserve Electricity

Appliances use electricity even if not in use. That’s why it’s best to give them a breather as you enjoy yours. Remove all gadgets inside your home, including kitchen items such as your coffee maker. Also, switch off air conditioning units or adjust the thermostat to a little warmer temperature. Switch on your water heater’s vacation function if it has one, or reduce the temperature by a few degrees.

Turn Off Water Supply

Your sink, tumble dryer, and dishwasher won’t require running water while you’re gone, so don’t put yourself in a jam with costly repairs.

While your house might not have had any leaks at the moment, don’t take any chances. If you don’t want to return home to a flooded household, remember to switch off the central water supply before leaving.

Install Security Devices

Other than scheduling lighting and assuring all windows and doors are securely locked, take extra precautions to keep problems at bay while you’re away. Place valuables in a secure location, and make sure fire and motion detectors are operational and appropriately set. More so, it’s a good idea to notify your security provider that you’ll be gone for an extended period.

Inspect Your Drainage

Stormwater is a valuable natural resource, but having too much of it in one area could lead to a range of issues. Every household can lessen, if not eliminate, the most damaging impacts of stormwater by implementing a few preventive measures.

SWPPP inspections are vital, especially before a long-haul getaway. Dealing with your property’s drainage patterns will assist in minimizing future difficulties for both you and the neighborhood as a whole. Besides, who would want to return to a flooded home?

Ask a Favor to Your Neighbor

Inform a trusted neighbor that you will be leaving. Having solid relationships with your neighbors will come in helpful while you are gone.

You can request them to watch your home while you’re away. It’s best to provide them with your contact information so that they can call you if anything questionable occurs.

Vacations are supposed to help you relieve stress and sit back, but if you don’t prepare for personal satisfaction, you might end up having a rough time. Don’t allow a lack of planning to ruin your long-awaited vacation.

Follow these guidelines to prepare your house before you depart for your next trip, and you’ll indeed have a fantastic time ahead.

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