Build a Basic Travel Wardrobe for Easy Packing


While traveling can be enjoyable, it can also be a nightmare to prepare for. One of your main concerns is what exactly you will be wearing during your trip. This is a big problem for those whose lifestyle has them receiving travel invites all the time. Whether it is for work or pleasure, picking out a wardrobe can be difficult for both genders.

A good way to resolve that problem is to have a prepared set of clothes for all your trips. Instead of hurrying to the nearest dry cleaners to have the clothes you want to be cleaned, you could then add a few specific items for the place you are going to. Have a piece of luggage always ready with the following pieces so that you can hop on to a plane within just a few hours. Here are some essential pieces you should always pack.

Black Pants

A good pair of black pants will always be useful. Black is a nice color that can fit in a different setting easily unlike white or other colors. Depending on the fit, you can use it for both formal and casual wear. Additionally, the dark hue prevents stains from showing up so it is a great backup pair if you run out of your other pants and need something to wear urgently. It also hides all the wrinkles so you can wear it constantly with little ironing. A pair or two of black pants of different styles would be great.


Another rugged choice for your essential traveling wardrobe is a pair of jeans. While these aren’t what you’d wear in a formal event, these are great streetwear and for any time you have to rough it. Jeans are very good in a variety of situations and are good low-maintenance wear. You don’t even have to go out of your way to clean them. The original jeans were made for miners and it shows. If you have to go to a worksite or something similar, then jeans are your best choice.

Sensible Shoes

Another thing you should pack is a cheap pair of shoes. These do not dress shoes but something good enough for daily wear. Rubber shoes or loafers can be good. This is primarily to keep you healthy. There is a multitude of parasites that can enter through your bare feet. When you travel around a lot, you won’t know what is on the ground that you walk on. Always having a pair of shoes handy is essential and ensures your safety. Note that these are your everyday shoes. If you are planning on hiking or doing something similar, pack a pair of boots.


Light Tops

If there is anything that you will need, it is a few tops. Simple shirts are a good mix. Decide on whites and other light-colored shirts. Those types of shirts are always popular. The important thing is to make them as comfortable as possible. You should get cotton shirts for this reason. The material works so well in a variety of environments. It breathes well, which means the air passes through it easily so that you can sweat freely. If you are going to a cold country, you can also layer it comfortably.


Another thing you should also never forget is to have a set of underwear ready. Depending on your gender, you’ll want a good utilitarian set. For men, tank tops and briefs are good while women will want sports bras and panties. You’re not trying to impress anyone with them so cheap and comfortable underwear is important. Having several pairs should be enough. You can easily buy ten pairs as your traveling underwear set, which should last you more than a week and a half. This ensures that you have underwear for when you go to the laundry.


Not all places are great to sleep in the nude or your shirts. If you are going to be sleeping, it is best to sleep in a pair of pajamas. They are comfortable and can help keep your body at the right temperature. This is important if you want to be able to sleep right. Additionally, pajamas help keep you clean during your sleep.

A complete traveling wardrobe allows you to pack quickly. With it, you only have to pick out the specifics of what to wear. For example, colder climates may require you to pack sweaters and jackets. Warmer climates will have you wearing hats and shades. This should only take a few minutes, and you can be out of the door in no time.

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