Building a Mountain House: The Essentials


A mountain house is a perfect place to escape life’s hurried pace. It’s fair to say that building a mountain house in the middle of nowhere with no roads and connection to the grid could mean moving mountains, but anyone who’s done it would say it’s worth it, and for good reason.

A mountain house can be anything: an architectural statement piece to command or blend with the landscape, a rustic cabin with VIP access to outdoor activities, a sprawling estate to throw parties, or a simple holiday house to wind down and reflect. Whatever your concept is, these are the essential elements that make a quintessential mountain house.

Frame Your View with Windows

Most people who put down their roots in the mountains are in it for the view and the luxury of being surrounded by nature. A house sitting on a cliff’s edge, mountain top, or escarpment could give you awe-inspiring panoramic views. Windows, in all their shapes and sizes, add more depth and character to nature views by framing them. If it’s a living room, foyer, or reading room, it’s best to have uninterrupted views, so big floor-to-ceiling windows are ideal.

For bedrooms and bathrooms that could use some privacy, narrower windows could give a sneak peek of the outside without making the room feel too exposed. For this reason, the design and orientation of your windows will be crucial. Professional window installation is one of the most important steps in putting your mountain house together, which is why it’s crucial to have a well-thought-out plan and a contractor that can make your vision possible.

Tie a Room Together with a Fireplace

The fireplace or hearth will be the main gathering place of your mountain house, especially if it’s located in cold, high places such as Utah. Winters can be biting, so it’s best to have the most efficient, long-lasting source of heat possible. When designing your fireplace, make sure you place it in an area where you’ll spend most of your time and where the view is perfect. For an added touch of luxury, you can also install mini fireplaces in other rooms such as the master and guest bedroom or reading room.

Open Up Your Living and Entertaining Area

outdoor patio

Being in a remote, fully off-grid location could also mean having plenty of time to bond with friends and family. An open floor plan that includes the living room, kitchen, and dining room will encourage socialization. Picture yourself preparing food in the kitchen island while chatting with your guests or loved ones. Also, an open plan makes the house feel airier, brighter, and more seamless. And if that floor has the best views, what better way to make the most of them with a wide, open indoor space.

Splurge on Your Patio

Most mountain house designs emphasize the blurred lines between indoor and outdoor. But in cold locations, it might be difficult to achieve this concept. So it would be best to invest in an outdoor living space such as a patio or balcony. Have an immersive outdoor living experience all day by adding a plush outdoor sofa, accent chairs, and some cushions and blankets. Stay warm during chilly days by building a fire pit or outdoor fireplace. If you enjoy cooking outdoors, it’s good to have an outdoor kitchen with a grill and brick oven.

Whether it’s a classic timber framed house or piece of modern architecture, a mountain house complete with these essentials can give your years to decades of comfortable and relaxing holidays.

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