Clogged Rain Gutter: How to Prevent Leaves from Getting In

clogged rain gutter

A gutter is a very convenient way to direct rainwater coming from the roof of your house to just about anywhere. If your house does not have a gutter, the rainwater from the roof can splash to the outside wall and cause it to start rotting. But the gutter has one weakness that can prevent it from functioning as intended—leaves and other debris can clog it. That’s why there is a need to maintain the gutter and keep it clog-free.

How to Keep the Gutter Free from Leaves and Other Debris

Fortunately, there are a few ways to keep the gutter free from debris and allow the water to flow freely. Doing these will prevent the problems that a clogged gutter brings.

Install a leaf guard

leaf gutter protection will prevent leaves and any debris from getting into the gutter. This serves as a filter that allows the water to get into the gutter, but not the leaves and other debris. There are a lot of designs to choose from that vary in effectiveness, but you can always ask for professional help to help you decide.

Regular cleanup

Regular cleanup of the gutter is a necessary evil. You might need to clean it at least twice a year. If you have a lot of trees, it might be more frequent. It is recommended that you clean during the fall to prepare for the rainy season.

Trim the trees

trim the trees

It’s good to have trees at home because they give us shade and keep the air fresh and clean. But having untrimmed trees can mess up the gutter. You need to trim the trees that are closer to the home, especially those branches that are overhanging the roof. This will minimize the leaves that fall to the roof and potentially clog the gutter.

Common Risks of Rain Gutter Maintenance

Maintaining the gutter is a constant problem among homeowners. A lot of accidents have happened because homeowners tend to do it themselves. They ignore its dangers and often overestimate their ability to perform the task.

Falling off the ladder

Falling off the ladder is the most common accidents that can happen when the roof and the gutter. A simple slip can already lead to a bad fall, which often leads to injuries that require emergency medical care.


Before attempting to do it yourself, make sure that you’re in the right condition to clean the gutter. You might have inspected the ladder for deterioration, but a lot of people are affected by height and experienced vertigo, dizziness, and other conditions that can lead to accidents.

Getting electrocuted

Damage to power lines often happens after a storm or rain. You need to make sure that no power lines are hanging over the shingles because a wet roof and a steel or aluminum gutter are excellent conductors of electricity.

Minimizing the frequency of gutter maintenance by installing a leaf gutter protection, trimming the trees, and a regular clean up can prevent these potential accidents from happening. When in doubt, call the help of a professional cleaner to do it for you.

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