Creating Something New From Old Home Appliances

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Did you have a previously loved appliance at home and don’t know what to do with it? Don’t just throw it away yet. It may still have some use to you. These old items may even become something amazing and cost-efficient if you play your cards right. Here are a few options that you can do for those old items.

Make it into something new

One of the best ways to reuse an old appliance is by recycling and reusing it, and this can be done by transforming it into something new. If you just throw them away in the junkyard, they will oftentimes just end up in landfills. According to the Environment Protection Agency, landfills are the third-largest source of methane emission in the United States. That means they do a lot of damage to the environment.

Reusing appliances is a great way to have something unique and cool in your home. You can turn old blenders and coffee pots into lighting fixtures. Turn old refrigerators into storage areas or shelves. Some people even make the base of old appliances into little pots. There is a world of possibilities. Another option is taking them apart and turning the parts into home decorations.

When trying to recycle appliances, make sure that you remove the wiring and all the electrical components inside. Anything that can shock and explode has to be removed to prevent fires from starting. If the items are really old, there is a high possibility that these parts are compromised as well.

Replace the parts

When you hear older generations say that they don’t make appliances like they used to, they weren’t kidding. A lot of older appliances were quite durable and built to last decades. Unfortunately today, companies are building appliances with lighter parts as well as with consumerism in mind. Some specifically make appliances with fixed lifespans, so consumers are forced to buy newer models when released. Metal parts are replaced with durable plastic and so on.

If you somehow end up with an old appliance, it’s possible that you can still use them. Have them first checked out with a mechanic or an expert. They can identify if the appliance can still function properly. What you might need to do is have the parts replaced.

You have a variety of options with this, either look for parts online or have them made. Some brands like Kitchenaid still offer parts from their older models. Another option is to look for someone with a large injection molder to create custom parts. The material might not be exactly the same, but there are other stronger alternatives.

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Sell in parts

You can also do the reverse of the suggestion above. Instead of getting new parts for it, maybe the parts can be sold separately. There’s a possibility that some of the parts of it are still in good condition. Those can be used for other machinery or even sold to people who still use the same brand of the appliance.

It is possible to take them out on your own, but not everyone has the mechanical skills or knowledge to do that. An alternative is to go to a repair shop and see if anything can still be taken down. Oftentimes, the shop can take them in for a price. Otherwise, you can just bring them home, clean them, and sell them online.

Have it traded in

There are collectors of practically everything these days, and old appliances are no different. A lot of people have hobbies that involve repairing old items or turning their parts into works of art. Some even collect and repair them for reselling. Auctions, antique shops, and trade shows actually make a living out of this. If you think your item has some value, have it appraised by an expert.

When you’ve exhausted all your resources and just have no idea what to do with the item, might as well just give it away. There are companies and brands that also have programs that let you trade an old item for a new one. It’s usually part of an environmental initiative or the parts are melted into something new.

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