Curb Appeal Aesthetics: A Few Elements to Consider

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Curb appeal is an important aesthetic element to consider when selling a home. Not only does it make the exterior of your home look beautiful, but it can also increase its value significantly. According to the National Association of Realtors, homes with higher levels of curb appeal tend to sell faster and at a higher price than those with lower ones.

Statistically, homes with high curb appeal sell for up to 7% more. The highest returns on investment come from landscaping upgrades like adding trees, decorative shrubbery, and patio pavers. Even something as simple as replacing old deck boards on an existing deck can improve a home’s value by up to 4%. Investing time and money into improving your home’s exterior can yield lucrative returns when put up for sale!

However, landscaping is not the only thing about curb appeal aesthetics. Here are a few more aspects to consider when improving your home facade.

Home Painting and Siding

Home painting and siding are two essential elements of curb appeal aesthetics. Home exteriors require regular maintenance to prevent peeling and fading due to sun exposure, rain, wind, snow, and other environmental factors. An old paint job or damaged siding can negatively impact your home’s appeal. You will keep your home looking great for years to come by correctly maintaining these features.

When painting your home’s exterior, selecting a color that complements the style and architecture of your house is essential. It should also match the colors used for outdoor living areas such as decks, patios, pools, etc. Also, choosing a durable paint finish will ensure that the job lasts longer and better stands up against UV rays. High-quality paint also requires fewer coats which can save money over time.

Siding is equally essential to keep your home looking great from the outside, while providing protective features. Not only does it protect against the elements, but it also helps maintain optimal indoor temperatures throughout all seasons. Many types of siding are available today, including vinyl, fiber cement boards, stucco masonry cladding, and wood clapboard shingles. Each type has its benefits, so researching them thoroughly before deciding is recommended.

Fence and Gate

Installing a fence and gate is another excellent way to improve your home’s curb appeal. Walls provide privacy and security and add a lovely decorative touch to the exterior of your home. Gates also add an extra layer of protection while still allowing access where necessary.

When selecting materials for your fence or gate, you should consider both form and function.

There are various types of materials to consider for your fence, including the following:


Wood is a popular choice for fencing due to its natural beauty and versatility. It can be painted or stained to match the colors of your home.


Vinyl is a low-maintenance option with a variety of colors and styles available. It’s also more affordable than some other materials.


Aluminum is easy to install and offers excellent durability against environmental elements. It carries a modern look that can enhance the aesthetic appeal of your home exterior.


If you want to go durable and traditional, you can install fence panels from metal to match your home’s architecture. The material is reliable, lasting decades with proper care and treatment.

No matter what type of material you choose, make sure it complements your home’s style and architecture while meeting your needs in terms of form and function!

Outdoor Lighting

A well-designed outdoor lighting feature

The final element to consider for curb appeal aesthetics is outdoor lighting. Lighting can help create a cozy, inviting atmosphere and make your home look more attractive at night. It also improves visibility and safety around the house.

Many types of outdoor lighting are available, including post lamps, wall sconces, string lights, security lights, and spotlights. Each type has its benefits in terms of style and functionality, so you should research your options before making any decisions.

Installing outdoor lighting is not difficult, but it is essential to do it correctly to get the desired results. You should always hire an electrician if you are unsure of how to handle the wiring or installation process safely.

Facade Amenities

Finally, you may consider adding facade amenities such as window boxes or planters. These elements add a decorative touch while providing permanent landscaping. It’s a great way to bring life and color to your home exterior without needing regular maintenance.

You can pursue upgrades such as new doors, shutters, or other architectural features if you have enough budget. These elements are great ways to boost curb appeal and create an inviting atmosphere around your home.

Final Thoughts

When selling a home, curb appeal aesthetics play an essential role. With the right upgrades, you can make your house look more attractive and increase its value significantly! Considering all these elements, you’ll create a stunning exterior with potential buyers knocking on your door!

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