Dream Big, Live Small: The Case of the Tiny House

tiny home

Many people dream of having their own homes. As working adults build their fortune, they save enough money to buy a place where they can settle. For others, buying a home is only an expensive dream. For decades, a single-family household would range from 1000 square feet to over 2600 square feet. Yet bigger spaces meant more expenses. Many look to downsize, while others end up drowning in mortgage debt.

Then came tiny houses, an eco-friendly and cost-effective option. There are documentaries, TV shows, and various media dedicated to promoting the tiny house movement. As it takes up little space, it is the housing choice of many young professionals, newlyweds, and even empty nesters.

What makes a tiny house different? Is it worth the hype? Before considering moving to a tiny house, here are things you may want to consider.

Advantages of the tiny house

Tiny houses are different not only because of the space that it takes up. An advantage of the tiny house would be that it is a lot cheaper than a full-scale house. Many reports show that tiny house owners have less debt than other homeowners. It is perfect for people who want to take control of their finances and look into the minimalist lifestyle.

It also allows people to keep only the things that they need. Tiny house owners get to practice their creativity within a small space. There is less clutter in the tiny house. However, the challenge is to fit everything in a particular space without it seeming too cramped. Some use their kitchen cabinets and cupboards to double as wine bars or bookshelves. Others can convert a dining area to a study room with just a few adjustments. Redesigning the tiny home is also easier. Without a lot of furniture involved, it is easier to switch from time to time.

These tiny houses can also serve as a source of passive income for business-minded individuals. Tiny homes can serve as short-term rental properties, which are a convenient choice for travelers going cross-country. There are tiny houses on wheels for easier transport.

Disadvantages of living in a tiny house

Living in a tiny house may be nice, but for some, it can be too small. Others think of the tiny house as a temporary home, but not a permanent dwelling. In this case, it may be more of a liability than an asset.

Different local governments have different zoning codes, too. Some states may allow smaller tiny houses, while others have a minimum space requirement for homes. This can be problematic for people who bought tiny houses for their need to be mobile. Some local governments also consider tiny houses as recreational vehicles or RVs. RV parking can also be restrictive. There are particular locations in a city where RVs can park. RVs are not considered a house. Hence, many local governments have set limits for inhabiting in an RV. People living in these tiny houses may be forced out of their homes in some locations.

Moving to a tiny house in the middle of a pandemic

The tiny house has become a popular option for people who have been directly affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. As many people have experienced financial losses over the past months, downsizing will help keep them afloat. City dwellers who want to experience life in the suburbs also switch to tiny houses.

Many also move to tiny houses to avoid big-city crowds. As we are still in a pandemic, people want to stay safe from the virus as much as possible. This is great, especially if they land a location that allows tiny houses with good nature views.

secluded tiny home

Should you go for a tiny house?

Tiny houses have their charm. If you like doing DIY projects, the tiny house can help you build your dream home with limited space. It is also great for when you want to minimize your spending. While tiny houses are appealing, they could cause more financial damage than gain. Others will want to move back to the city after the pandemic. By then, a tiny house may not be that much of a viable option.

Moreover, one should consider zoning regulations. Not all local governments have the same laws. It is best to consult a professional first before making an inter-state or inter-city move.

Moving homes is a critical decision that one takes. There are many things to consider before making a move to a tiny house. Still, if you are ready for big changes to go small, the tiny house may be just the right home for you.

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