Elevating Home Facade: What Projects to Consider

Improving the home's facade
  • Repainting the home exterior is a cost-effective way to improve building appearance and boost curb appeal.
  • Outdoor landscaping, lighting, and furniture can significantly increase property value.
  • Replacing outdated windows and doors with modern materials provides aesthetic benefits and better insulation.
  • Updating or replacing the home facade can have long-term value appreciation potential with proper planning and execution.

Home facades are essential to any property as they are the first visual impression people get when seeing a home. The elevation of a home facade can significantly impact a property’s overall value and appeal. According to the National Association of Realtors, exterior improvements such as updating or completely replacing the home’s facade can increase the perceived value of a home by up to 5%.

Furthermore, research indicates that potential buyers often rate homes with well-maintained exteriors higher than homes with outdated or damaged facades. Some studies show curb appeal is among the most significant factors that influence potential buyers’ purchase decisions. Therefore, updating or replacing a home’s front can increase its market value.

However, elevating the home’s facade will require strategic planning and execution. These projects, fortunately, provide the best return on investment.

Exterior Repaint

Repainting the home exterior

Repainting the home exterior can be one of the most cost-effective projects for elevating a home facade. A fresh coat of paint can dramatically affect your building’s appearance and boost its curb appeal. Repainting adds an aesthetic touch and shields against harsh climatic conditions, such as sunlight, wind, and rain, that negatively impact a building’s facade over time.

When repainting your home’s exterior, choosing quality paints with higher resistance to environmental damage and fading caused by UV light exposure is essential. A water-resistant masonry sealer will also help protect the material from water infiltration while maintaining maximum breathability for optimum surface moisture management. If you plan on repainting yourself, consider hiring professional painters specializing in exterior painting for the best results.

Also, remember that selecting colors carefully based on style preference should be done before beginning any painting project, so research beforehand! Overall, with proper planning and execution, updating or replacing your home’s front facade may be an excellent investment with long-term value appreciation potential down the road!

Outdoor Amenity Installation

Landscaping and outdoor furniture

Adding outdoor amenities in front of homes can significantly improve the property value and increase curb appeal. Outdoor extras, such as landscaping, lighting, and outdoor furniture, provide a beautiful aesthetic to any home. Furthermore, these features may help prospective buyers visualize how they could use the space for entertaining or relaxing.

Below are a few outdoor amenities that can be installed to boost the property value:


A well-maintained lawn adds beauty and luxury to a home’s facade. Installing low-maintenance plants or flowers around the house will ensure your home maintains its attractive look while providing additional privacy. Additionally, installing hardscape elements such as walkways and patios can create a more inviting atmosphere with plenty of space for entertaining friends and family outdoors.


Properly lit pathways or gardens can elevate the look of any home’s façade and create a warm ambiance at night. The right fixtures can add drama and sophistication to any outdoor area while making it safer to navigate during nighttime hours. Additionally, solar-powered lights are energy-efficient options that require minimal maintenance yet still give off impressive amounts of light to highlight different areas of your exterior landscape design.

Outdoor Furniture

Outdoor furniture will enable you to use all available space on your patio or decking area while adding visual interest to attract potential buyers. Additionally, by creating comfortable seating areas with various pieces, such as chairs, benches, sofas, and tables, prospective buyers can envision themselves entertaining guests or having family gatherings in their new homes! Moreover, furniture pieces are available in various materials and styles, so finding something that complements your existing architecture should be easy enough!

Water Features

Water features are eye-catching additions to any home’s facade that will immediately draw attention from passersby. Installing water features such as fountains, birdbaths, ponds, or streams will add unique beauty and provide soothing sounds for anyone who enjoys listening to trickling water sounds outside their window! Furthermore, many modern designs come equipped with self-contained filtration systems making them low-maintenance investments that pay off in terms of increased property value!

Entry Point Enhancements

Doors and windows are critical elements in any home’s facade. Replacement windows and doors can efficiently elevate a home’s exterior, from the style to the function. They can provide an aesthetic boost, and many modern materials offer superior insulation, sound protection, and increased security than their older counterparts.

For example, replacing single-pane aluminum windows with energy-efficient double- or triple-paned windows made of vinyl or fiberglass offers a more modern look while helping reduce energy costs as they allow less heat to escape during wintertime. Additionally, using tilt-turn windows with multiple opening options provides easy ventilation access while providing enhanced security against burglars.

Regarding entry points such as doors, replacing old wooden doors with steel ones looks more aesthetically pleasing and provides higher security against forced entry. Additionally, choosing insulated steel doors helps decrease energy costs due to their excellent insulating properties.

However, barn door installations can also be an excellent way to personalize a home’s entrance and give it a unique look. Traditional barn doors are available in many colors, materials, sizes, and styles to fit any aesthetic preference!

Final Thoughts

You may want to consider these projects when elevating your home’s facade. Whether you decide on a simple repaint or go for one of the more dramatic options mentioned above, all these projects will improve the curb appeal and raise the value of your property. With proper planning and execution, you can reap great rewards from updating or replacing your home’s front façade!

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