Three Hacks for First-time Parents When Traveling


Parenthood changes everything; it brings out the best and worst in most people. For starters, it can be the best thing to ever happen to you, but it can also be the very reason that you’re always pushed to your limits. It’s safe to say that being a parent is the hardest job in the world, but it’s also worthwhile.

One of the biggest challenges of parenthood is that you no longer have the freedom you once had because another person depends on you. And it’s not like you can leave the responsibility to other people while you go live your life because it’s your kid, after all. They don’t deserve to be neglected like that.

Besides, you always have the option to bring your kid with you while you chase after the adventures of a lifetime. Granted, you’ll have limited mobility in a sense because you can’t bungee jump off a cliff or jump out of a plane with only a parachute on your back, but you can still travel to your heart’s content.

Save the thrills and extreme sports for when your kid is old enough to join you, but you can travel around the world with your baby by your side. Of course, you’ll have to adjust to your new circumstances because you need to take care of another person, but it’s doable. Here are three tips you can use when you’re traveling with a baby:

1. Be Prepared for Anything

Babies can be messy, loud, and intense, which is why you must be prepared for anything. You can’t bring your guard down when you have a kid depending on you for all their needs, and honestly, you won’t have time to catch your breath until they fall into a deep slumber. So, until then, you’ll need to tough it out.

There’s a big chance that you’ve seen other parents carry a large bag with them when they’re out traveling with their kids, and there’s a reason for that. This is because the possibilities of disasters that can happen are endless when you’re traveling with a child. And you have to be prepared for all of them.

For instance, your baby could play with their food and spill everything on themselves while you’re eating at a restaurant, which means they’ll need a change of clothes. And they could soil their diapers while you’re out touring the city, which means you’ll need a spare or two for good measure.

It’s also possible that you’ll need to line high chairs and car seats with a protective cover to keep the bacteria away from your child. In cases like this, it would be nice to have compact multi-use covers in your bag that you can take out every time you have to settle your kid down on a flat surface.

2. Patience Is Always Key

father and son

Being a parent can bring you to your wit’s end at every possible moment, and it can be difficult to fight against your overwhelming emotions in public. But that’s exactly what you need to do when you’re traveling with a child because you can’t take care of your kid when you’re dealing with an emotional breakdown.

Although it can be hard, you must never let your emotions get the best of you because once you do, it will all be a downfall from there. As a parent, it’s important to learn the virtue of patience with your child and the people you encounter or talk to while you’re with your child.

3. Choose Your Battles Wisely

When you’re a new parent, it’s somehow second nature to stress about everything. But you have to control the urge to succumb to that stress because it can overwhelm you to the point that you’re projecting your frustrations onto your innocent child. And they don’t deserve to be your emotional punching bag.

That’s why you have to choose your battles wisely. For example, you run out of baby formula because your partner forgot to refill the bottle when you’ve specifically reminded them not to forget. In a situation like that, when your baby is crying, and your emotions are heightened, it’s easier to just be angry, but that won’t get you anywhere.

Rather than getting into a screaming match with your partner over something so trivial, you can take the more proactive approach and just have them buy more baby formula. This way, you can solve the problem and move past the situation without having to burden yourself with your anger.

Parenthood has a knack for taking you out of your comfort zone, and you can only expect that to keep happening as your child grows. So instead of fighting it every step of the way, you can just treat it as an adventure with many bumps in the road. That way, you can still enjoy the adventure of a lifetime.

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