Four Steps to a More Secure Home for Your Family


How safe are you and your family at home? While recent reports indicate that property crimes decreased but there has been a spike in murder incidents in some cities around the U.S. The pockets of civil unrest is also a cause of concern not just for those in city centers but even in some suburban neighborhoods and rural communities.

Homelife for every person and family needs to be about safety, comfort, and security. A home ceases to be one when it is unnecessarily exposed to dangers that could otherwise be addressed. It is time to strengthen your home’s security and a good way to start is by knowing these important points:

1. Know the Openings and Vulnerabilities

The obvious points of entry to your house are the doors and windows. Securing them at all times is crucial especially if you have an open property, that is, it does not have a gate and perimeter wall and just about anyone can walk up to your porch or go around the house. Check all door and window locks if these are still functioning.

Another important detail is to check for other vulnerabilities or openings that can be exploited by burglars such as slightly opened garage doors, broken windows, swinging pet doors that allow access into the house. Make sure that you have steel window well covers since this part of the home is usually unnoticed and is vulnerable to surreptitious entries. Since it is below ground, it can offer concealment to intruders while they try to pry open the exposed window. A security cover, therefore, is a must in order to remove this vulnerability.

2. Be Aware of Your Social Media Posts

Many people are also careless about their social media posts. This is especially risky if one is a celebrity with many online followers, or even a stalker with criminal tendencies. A simple post on social media about being out of town or overseas immediately informs a criminal that the home is empty and vulnerable to burglary. It is best to wait a few days after you return home before posting on social media about trips out of town or other activities that take you away for long periods of time.

A few years ago, celebrities were also victimized by burglars including the homes of singer Rihanna and LA Dodgers player Yasiel Puig. Thieves monitored events where these celebrities would have to be in attendance, and marked dates when nobody would be in their homes. Police investigators were able to establish that these highly organized criminals tracked the celebrities’ social media posts.

More recently, singer Usher was also profiled by a couple of professional thieves who also posed as real estate agents. These criminals were able to steal more than $500,000 worth of luxury items from various upscale homes before they were finally caught by police.

3. Identify Potential Hiding Places

Aside from being mindful of social media posts, take note of areas around the house that could be used as concealment or observation posts. Dark corners, a row of bushes, trees with thick trunks, and even a tool shed or outdoor storage. Make sure these areas are lighted or trimmed to negate their physical characteristics as good hiding places.


4. Install Wi-Fi-controlled Home Alarm Systems

If budget permits, purchase and have professional teams install Wi-Fi-controlled home alarm systems that include closed-circuit television cameras (CCTVs). It is vital to have the ability to monitor what is happening all around your house using the CCTVs. When you are out for work or leisure, it is a great advantage to have the capability to access the cameras and alarm system using a smartphone or remote controller.

That way, you can actually secure the house even when you are outside. It also gives you the ability to check if the house is still secure before you come home and enter the door. Most alarm systems also have direct connections to the village security office, sheriff’s department, or local police station. Any forced entry will automatically send an alarm to authorities who could rush on-scene in a matter of minutes.

Develop a Safety and Security Mindset

It is also important and necessary to develop a safety and security mindset. All members of the family need to have a basic understanding of security protocols for the house. When a family adopts a lifestyle that incorporates safety and security, they will not be impacted too severely by unexpected situations. Instead, they will have the right knowledge, skills, and emotions needed to respond effectively to any threat or emergency. Remember: a blissful home is first and foremost, a place of safety and security for all members of the family.

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