Go-to Safe Tourist Destinations After the Pandemic


Since the beginning of the year, almost everyone around the world has been taking a public health emergency seriously. This response ensures the safety of everyone. Since most individuals are only staying at home, it’s harder for businesses to get potential customers and clients, which has caused most companies, especially those that are in tourism and travel, to close down.

Most travel enthusiasts or any person stuck in their homes have been clamouring for a long road trip, a flight to another country, or chilling out on a beach. Even though these activities are possible, most businesses are still closed. Although, most are confident that they will open by the end of the year or early the next year if things go as planned.

With countries all over the world racing on getting their hands on a vaccine, it’s quite clear that hope for future travel and tourism isn’t as bleak as most experts deemed it to be. Still, we can never be too vigilant when it comes to ensuring our safety while we travel. Therefore, it’s still crucial that we follow strict rules and guidelines to deter any possible modes of transmission for a particularly contagious disease.

The Best Tourist Destinations

We’re sure that you and everyone else would love to travel to different parts of the world right after everything will go back to ‘normal.’ But since we’re still within bell curve and most of us are still recovering from the economic damage caused to the tourism industry, it’s only logical that we go to destinations that are considered safe for travel.

Travellers should also take into account that numbers and information regarding the pandemic are always changing, so it’s best to make sure that before you do start travelling, research and necessary precaution should be practised, even after a global-scale event.

So what are some safe destinations to visit?


Despite being close to the initial point of the outbreak, Taiwan has been taking the crisis seriously. Even though there are still cases in the country, most of these individuals are recovering. Also, deaths are being kept at a minimum.

It’s safe to say that Taiwan has a government that knows what they are doing in this situation. Instead of closing down its economy on the fear that it might make more of the numbers spoke, Taiwan instead closed their borders and exports of personal protective equipment. That isn’t a big surprise since their vice president is an expert when it comes to diseases.

There are several places that you can visit in Taiwan. Some of the most popular locations include Taipei 101, Taroko National Park, and Sun Moon Lake. There’s a lot of things to do in Taiwan, but most of the time, people will enjoy the lofty commercial districts. That doesn’t mean that you can’t have a bit of fun in the countryside, though!

neon billboardsAustralia

If you’re from Australia, then you won’t necessarily need to go outside of the country to have a good time. The prime minister and the neighbouring countries of Australia have been nailing it with their initial response to the pandemic. The well-handled tactics that are used by the government officials have made Australia one of the safest countries in the southern hemisphere.

Australia is lauded for having a diverse set of wildlife, with most considering the wildlife exotic. But other than the wildlife, Australia is also known for having functional commercial spaces and businesses. If you’re looking at having a good time with your friends in a posh and creative district with buildings that have warm and classy timber floorings, you might want to consider Melbourne.

Siquijor, Philippines

If you’re looking for a tropical island that’s a far cry from the hustle and bustle of the city while still being able to relax, party, and have a good time by the beach, then you might want to go to Siquijor Island. The island is quite famous for its white-sand beaches, the

Compared to the rest of the Philippines, Siquijor has been free of COVID-19 for six months, with their first-ever transmission during the start of August. Even then, the authorities in the area were quick on their feet to address the matter and have ensured that there would be no more future transmissions in the area.

Although, you might want to take the right amount of precaution when you’re travelling to this island since the rest of the provinces and the capital is known for having a steady rise of COVID-19 cases.

There’s a ton of places that you can go to right after the pandemic. When an all-clear signal is given, you can start packing up, but it’s still important not to let your guard down. At this time, it’s always important to stay vigilant in these uncertain times. Overall, the tourism industry will need every help that it can get, especially when it’s trying to recover from a global crisis.

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