Going Back to a Safe and Healthy Working Environment

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Most of the employees working nowadays are all doing their jobs at home. The pandemic had greatly affected working communities, and they were forced to change their style from office work to working from home. However, as countries are slowly coping with the situation and initiating vaccinations, there will be a possibility that offices and commercial facilities will be occupied.

However, as the start of the pandemic, most buildings are abandoned and have not been cleaned since. How safe are office spaces and how could people make sure that it is already safe to work there? A lot of companies have already initiated contingency plans to secure and safety and security in public working areas. There are several ideas also been provided and could prove to be effective to ensure a safe and healthy environment. Here are some ideal practices to keep a safe and healthy working environment.

Hire a cleaning company before anything else

Offices spaces are unused and abandoned, allowing dust to form and possible harmful insects could start migrating to corners and moisture areas. The best way to make sure that a working environment is clean is to hire a cleaning company. Most of the time cleaning companies offer different services such as fumigation, mosquito prevention, odor prevention, tick control and extermination, and other sanitation processes that are proven effective. Hiring a cleaning company is always worth the cost and saves more time rather than individual effort.

Require the employees tested first before returning to work

One sure way to keep the working environment safe is to have all employees require a COVID-19 test. This is also to ensure that employees are all safe and secured. It also reduces the dilemma of being positive if an employee is not tested. It would help the employees get rid of anxiety and also save a positive patient not to worsen his or her condition.

The point is all about saving lives at this point. Remember that everybody has a family that they go home to and could lead to infection. It is better to have a safe working environment for everybody’s sake.

Roll out a memorandum about protocols


Since the start of the pandemic, health protocols are always posted on every corner of the street, it has been all over the news and even provided advertisements about it. Moreover, it is an important duty of every company to strictly implement such protocols to prevent any risk of contamination. It is also an effective way to held violators accountable to prevent future violations.

Employees must know about the risk and how important to follow the guidelines. Everybody’s lives matter and everybody could achieve success if all are synchronized to follow. This also includes contact tracing in an instance that a positive case arises.

Provide hygienic items and keep areas clean


One way to help employees from getting sick is to provide hygienic items such as alcohol in elevators, disinfectant wipes, liquid soaps in bathrooms, and sanitation pads on the front doors. These items would drastically reduce the risk of being sick and keep a safe environment. It also helps employees to practice safety protocols while they are at work. Temperature gauges are also one of the items that could help to identify a person’s temperature that may lead to sickness. Keep areas clean as possible.

Remind employees that they also must keep their workstations clean at all times. A keyboard could look clean but dust and other particles may squeeze in the gaps that could also lead to allergies. It is not just the pandemic that everybody protects themselves from, but the rest of the contaminants that could cause illnesses.

Initiate skeletal workforce

Everybody understands that there is a situation that needs to be prevented. Creating a skeletal schedule in the workforce is one way to prevent congestion inside office spaces. The regular Monday to Friday for everybody may not seem to work for now, but it also helps keep the distances from each other at bay. This is also a good way to help employees keep their safety from their homes.

Companies could assign several people to work from home in the meantime and let the rest work at the office. Then they can schedule a rotational basis. This type of strategy works for everybody as they can be productive anywhere. It also prevents employees from being exposed outside their homes daily.

It is always reassuring to come back to work and find out that the company is providing help and safety to all their employees. However, just a reminder, everybody should do what is necessary to achieve success in preventing the disease from happening. Every individual should act accordingly to save lives. By following these guidelines, not only do you save yourselves from sickness, but you save your family at home as well.

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