Home Maintenance: How You’re Increasing the Cost

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Just because your house is new doesn’t mean it will not need maintenance for the next five years. Many factors come into play when dealing with the level of preservation parts of your house, and the structure as a whole will need. There’s the quality of the work done, which will contribute a great deal to the issues you’ll face in the future. Another huge consideration is your lifestyle and what regular activities may be detracting from your house’s aesthetic and integrity.

It’s reasonable to want to keep your maintenance expenses low even as your house ages, but what do you do when it seems like an impossible feat? Why is this particular cost impossible to cut, and what can you do to change this? The problem lies in the fact that many homeowners aren’t aware of the things they do and their decisions that skyrocket this expense.

You Don’t Do Routine Maintenance

As with everything, prevention is key. The majority of the problems in your house can be avoided when you stick to a regular maintenance schedule. This means knowing exactly what each part of the house and appliance needs and putting them in your calendar.

Your HVAC system, for example, needs its filters replaced every one to six months, depending on the state you find it in. Some annual maintenance tasks include cleaning and adjusting its dampers and fixing leaks in the supply duct. One of the most important parts of your exterior that you need to watch out for is your gutters. Inspect them, especially after a downpour or storm, and make sure that they aren’t collecting water. Consider getting metal gutter protection to increase its lifespan and prevent debris from collecting.

Getting acquainted with your plumbing, flooring, and household appliances will drastically decrease the risk of damages and malfunctions that will increase your expenses.

You Delay Repairs and Replacements

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There’s nothing worse than knowing you need to do some repairs and replacements and not being able to do them. Homeowners have a lot of reasons for postponing these tasks. Sometimes, they don’t understand the gravity of the issue at hand. They think that it’s normal or there’s no difference if you hold back on repairs for a couple of months. However, it’s often due to a lack of budget that keeps them from calling the plumber or the contractor.

Delaying worsens the problem and amplifies the amount of work that needs to be done. The more complicated the task, the higher the fees you’ll pay professionals. One solution you can try is to set aside a certain amount of money for your maintenance needs monthly. Dedicating a budget just for it will help you deal with trouble when it comes knocking.

You Do Not Mind the Seasons

Extreme weather changes will impact your house. This is especially true in places that experience severely hot summers and cold winters. The soil under and around your property will contract and expand, as well as the wooden structures that make up your house.

In winter, you’ll want to protect your pipes to prevent them from freezing. Have your roof inspected to make sure that it can withstand the weight of snow and the increased precipitation. Come spring, it’s important to power wash your siding and windows as well as refinish your deck. Check your sprinkler heads and remove the insulation of your outdoor faucets. Summer and Fall will include a lot of grouting, gardening, and dusting, while the elements make it easier to do so.

Minding the seasons can help you prep your house for the changes it will face. Neglecting this can lead to more maintenance issues as a new season rolls in.

You’re Not in Touch with Contractors

You’ll hear other homeowners boasting about DIY skills that have helped them reduce their maintenance expenses. And while you can learn a handy trick here and there, nothing can replace the efficiency of professional work. Insisting on doing complex repairs on your own could endanger yourself, your house, and your family.

If you’re not confident to contact the experts, it’s probably because you haven’t done your research. It’s always wise to know the reputable names in your neighborhood and have an idea of their pricing. This way, you can anticipate how much you’ll pay and the quality of the work that you’ll receive. It’s also advisable to develop a relationship with these contractors because they’re likely to give you discounts in the long run. Remember that these people are running a business, and if it takes free inspections and discounted rates to retain their patrons, they’ll offer it.

There’s no one solution for every home and homeowner, but there are plenty of guidelines you can refer to for improved household maintenance. The more strategic you are about how you deal with repairs, the greater your chances of addressing them without the additional costs.

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