Hotel Accommodations: Do You Splurge or Skimp?

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There are two kinds of travelers. The first one looks for the cheapest accommodation and the second one splurges on hotel accommodations. There’s a lot to be said about affordable accommodations around the world. It also depends on what’s cheap or not for you. Do you think $50 a night is cheap? How about $150 per night?

Have you ever splurged on a hotel? If you have, then you know it’s worth every penny you spend on it. Sure, you might have to pay for the expenses for the next three months, but you will take this experience with you forever.

Rest and Relax

Not many people realize that when you travel, you are more tired than when you’re just staying at home. People think that it’s less taxing to explore a city than it is to commute to work. But you’ll realize that by the end of the day, you’re beyond exhausted. You have just walked three hours around the city, so how do you think you will feel after that?

A hotel room should help you relax. It should help you sleep comfortably. Imagine spending 17 hours on a flight and arriving in a cramp hotel room. Is that going to help you relax? Splurging on a nice hotel room will help you sleep better. It will calm your nerves. You will be surrounded by comfortable beddings, nicely insulated floors, and sleep-inducing light. Some hotel rooms even have soundproofed flooring so that you can sleep soundly.

Time zones can make things confusing, too. To adjust to it, travelers have to stay up even if their body clocks are in a different time zone. If you are trying to get any sleep in a different place, you need as comfortable a place as you can afford.

When traveling, you have limited time. You are chasing activities. It can be exhausting to do all the things on your list. After a day of running around the city, don’t you want to take a long luxurious bath and sleep? That will recharge you for the day ahead.

On one hand, if you skimp on your accommodations, you’ll have noisy neighbors, a flooded bathroom, and a hard mattress. These are some horror stories you’ll hear about hotels and motels on social media. Can you imagine how traumatic it is for some people? They might have to pay more to transfer to a better hotel.


Traveling is all about the experience. If you already share a room back home, why do you want to share one when traveling. You have to experience something you do not have back home. If you don’t have a bathtub at home, pay for a hotel room that will give you that experience. Yes, it’s a bit more expensive than other accommodations, but you’ll take these memories with you for life.

Not getting much sleep when you travel will make you grouchy and irritable. You will lose focus. You will get distracted. When you travel, you want to be on top of things. You want to remember every sound, sight, and taste. But when you didn’t get a restful night, it’s more likely that you’ll be so exhausted to appreciate what you see.

Traveling while tired is a possibility. You will still find a level of appreciation for these discoveries. But, it won’t be as relaxing as when you travel around the city knowing you’ve got that soft mattress to come home to in your hotel room.



Paying more for a hotel room means more amenities. Most hotels have spa and massage services. They can also offer dine-in services in your room. These are the kinds of things that you want to experience when traveling. You don’t get to pamper yourself when you’re back home, but when traveling, it’s essential to take care of yourself better.


Are you living in a cramped apartment in Brooklyn? So, why would you want to stay in another cramped hotel room when traveling? Hotel rooms should be spacious because you need an area for your luggage. If you’re going to shop, you need space for your shopping bags, too. You don’t have to book a luxury suite, but you have to choose a better hotel room than a hostel.

Of course, these are all possible when you have the budget for it. Don’t splurge on something you cannot afford. But while planning where to go next, make plans on how to save money, too. You don’t need to be on the penthouse, but you need to be in a three to five-star hotel room, at least. That’s going to be a different experience.

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