Latest Trends in House Design: Make Your House a Reflection of Your Personality

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Building a house of dreams can be a tricky task. You want everything to be perfect as frequent renovations can cost you a fortune. Your house is the reflection of your personality and has elements of your character. From color to tiles or rugs to furniture, you imagine everything to be perfect.

There are some decisions that can take time like finishing the basement, creating a balcony garden, or transforming the attic. Either way, it’s wise to keep an eye on the latest trends by top designers in the industry. As far as color palettes or furniture combinations are concerned, professionals know best.

Every design process is unique in itself. The complexity of the project depends on whether you’re building a new home or simply making a few small home improvements to your already beautiful nest.

Here are the top trends in home design:

  • Minimalism

Houses come a long way from being stuffy to being spacious and minimalistic. Your house is your personal space and you must not clutter it with unnecessary stuff, especially furniture. Only add things that are absolutely necessary and leave the rest of the space free.

Minimalism is also in trend and open spaces are loved by all. You’re going to walk around in your home, kids will play and pets will roam around. There has to be some free space for that. Limit the furniture to a minimum and choose wall-mounted closets or walk-ins over huge space-consuming cupboards.

Opt for more innovative approaches when it comes to storage. It’s time you stop dumping everything in the attic. There are automated storage solutions that can be installed in even small spaces.

  • Using Storage Innovations

As the prices of apartments soar sky-high, convenient storage is no longer a designing option. It’s a necessity. From hanging bike racks to wall-mounted seatings, storage innovations make lives easier.

There are banquette seating options in the kitchen too. All you need to do is have a bench in that area and top it with your favorite cushion. After that, you’ll only need one round table with two small chairs to transform it into a legitimate dining area whenever the need be. It’s the kind of bench that you can open up from the top.  The storage factor is maxed out.

  • Elevate the kitchen decor with colors

The kitchen doesn’t have to be boring and one-toned. You can add many elements of colors and interesting items to bring the look up a notch. The main things that you have to focus on are cabinets and counters.

Cabinets can be of any color of your choice. You can keep the walls white and that the color of your cabinets will pop up nicely. Be sure to keep the counter as long as you can because no matter how hard you try, you end up keeping things on it. It’s better to plan beforehand.

The countertop can be of a subtle hue. Since you’ve made the cabinets bold, a colored counter will only make them look loud. You can try a shade lighter from the cabinets if you want to go all-in with the colors. Add some indoor plants to amp up the aesthetic.

  • A spacious bathroom goes a long way

Small bathrooms are a thing of the past. Now, the bathroom has enough walking space with a separate corner for the shower. If you’re tight on space make sure you keep the toiletries to the minimum.

The best method to make a compact bathroom feel more spacious is choosing neutral colors or light pastels for wall tiles and floors. Light colors reflect light better and can make a small space feel bigger.

For washbasins, there are some pretty good options to choose from. Nowadays, in spite of making them complicated, designers come up with neat designs. They don’t take up much space and keep the look simple yet charming.

  • Go bold with color in the living room

The living room catches a lot of attention as that is the first thing anybody sees. You can instantly capture attention by going bold. Rather than neutral colors, you can go for bolder sofas with a light shade in the background.

A pair of statuesque lamps make your living room look more put together and grand. Build some large windows to let the natural light enter the living room. That brightens up the space instantly and gives a nice earthy vibe.

A few paintings give an insight into your personality and add a human touch to the space. Add in some plants with statement pots and you have for yourself an attractive living room that’ll be the topmost hangout spot for you and your friends.

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