Lip fillers Kent, not a twenty first century phenomenon!

woman getting lip fillers

Augmentation of the lips can be traced back to the nineteenth century when practitioners experimented by injecting liquid paraffin into the lips. Needless to say, this was unsuccessful so in the nineteen sixties liquid silicone was tried but the health side effects were not favourable so that was abandoned. Next was bovine collagen, a natural food additive, obtained from cows that however produced allergy concerns. A lot of scientific and technological development has produced hyaluronic acid which is a polysaccharide which is naturally produced in the human body. Now in the twenty-first century lip fillers Kent delivers a safe treatment using fluid produced from human bodies.


Often procedures result in over sculpturing due to excessive lip fillers Kent because of impatience. The procedure is best done gradually because the treatment can cause swelling and time is required to allow for the swelling to subside to get a true picture of the treatment results. Numerous treatments building layers is the best way to achieve the desired results.

woman getting lip fillers

They are your lips!

They are your lips and they are the only pair that you are going to get in your lifetime, so take good care of them. The twenty-first century has seen a massive increase in the number of people requiring lip fillers. Selecting a practitioner to do the job and achieve the results that you want should be something that is not taken lightly. Dentists study for five years to achieve their degree and part of their study course in facial aesthetics. Surely it makes sense to utilise the services of a practitioner with this kind of knowledge. Dentists are used to giving injections and working in safe sterile surgery. They are bound by a promise to uphold the principles of an ethical oath.

Lips that compliment your face

None of us is the same and it is best to present some idea of the desired result so that the practitioner can determine the best treatment plan to achieve the final result successfully. A dentist will encourage a patient to ask for as much information as possible, in the same way as they do when a patient wants their teeth straightened or whitened, etc. Listening to a patient is the first and most important step in helping to achieve the lips that a patient is looking to achieve. Sometimes seeing what someone else has is not always the actual result or effect that is required and some reflection can save problems later. Using the physiological experience gained over many years of practice, a dentist will ascertain what is actually required. The shape of a patient’s face can be enhanced by the correct complementary treatment. Over-exaggerated lips can appear to distort the shape of the face which is why graduated treatment is advisable.

Can the treatment be reversed?

Lip fillers last on average six to twelve months and modern lip fillers can be reversed unlike the lip fillers used in years gone by that used fat implants. Proper prior consultation and discussion should however allow a patient sufficient time to decide on whether they feel that lip fillers are right for them or not.

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