Living a Jet-set Lifestyle with Little Money

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When people think about a jet-set lifestyle, the first thing that often comes to mind is money. Following that, other terms like luxury, indulgence, travel, expensive accommodation, and high-end food start appearing in our brains. For those who have it, it is a simple process of spending it the most extravagant way possible. For those who don’t, it’s about finding a way to get it.

If you fall into the latter category as most of us do, there are several avenues you could take. For instance, you could use your existing knowledge, experience, and skill to start your own business. In the housing boom of recent years, a great option would be getting a contractor license and going into project management or construction. Another option is looking into the food industry in areas like storage and delivery or working as an independent vendor to mainstream retailers.

Sounds great, doesn’t it? But what about the time it takes to become wealthy? What is one supposed to do if one desires a jet-set lifestyle but lacks the necessary financial resources?

Of course, everything worthwhile takes time, diligence, commitment, and effort. Still, there are certain things you can do, simple hacks that will allow you to live the life you have always wished for at a fraction of the price.

Let us look at two of them.

Looking the Part

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The best way to look expensive is to wear expensive clothes, Swiss watches, and Italian hand-made leather shoes. It is as common sense as it gets. If you walk into a room with a 20 thousand dollar Rolex piece on your left wrist, nobody will mistake you for a beggar. But that doesn’t mean it is the only way. It doesn’t mean there isn’t anything else you can do to look the part.

You can start by being healthy and fit. When the human body isn’t filled with the thousands of toxins present in junk food and other oily dishes or sweets, the skin looks fresh, youthful, and exuberant. Even if you cannot afford a day at the spa or the most expensive skincare products, a nutritious, well-balanced diet is the best weapon you can have in your arsenal.

The same goes for your body. Many people associate hard-rock abs, strong arms, and a svelte physique with wealth for one reason or another. When this is accompanied by a sleek haircut, a clean set of pearly whites, and a proper routine of self-care and hygiene, there is no limit to where you can go.

Investing in Valuable Experiences


As we move further and further into the 21st century, the world is quickly becoming a much more global, interdependent society. Adding to that, the seemingly never-ending COVID-19 global pandemic and the current situation of social and political unrest in many countries has lead people to understand that no matter whether you are American, African, Chinese, or French, we all need each other if we are to flourish as human beings.

For the incredibly wealthy, part of living a jet-set lifestyle is traveling all across the globe and taking part in donations, fund-raisers, charitable action, social movements, and other philanthropic events. Whether they do this to help others or it is a ploy to enhance their reputations is a matter for debate. Nevertheless, one thing is certain. If you are rich, you travel, and not only that, but you do it often.

The question, therefore, lies on whether you can do the same thing on a budget. Luckily, the answer is yes. Even if your last name is not Gates, Jobs, Bezos, or Zuckerberg, you can still help others and make the world a better place. Examples include volunteering as a teacher in a makeshift school in an African or Southeast Asian country or even taking the initiative to take community action to improve your neighborhood.

As we can see, there are two clear and specific ways to lead a jet-set lifestyle with less than ideal finances. The first one is to look the part, or as they say, “fake it til you make it.” The second is emphasizing the experiences you have in life themselves rather than the surrounding circumstances. Others include buying one expensive watch, necklace, or handbag instead of several cheap ones, practicing a sport that is in trend, and hanging out in places where the rich and powerful hang out, even if you don’t get to do the same things they do.

But always remember that money is something physical that you can either have or lack. Yet, happiness is a state of mind. There is no point in living like a jet setter if you don’t feel good with what you see and feel on the inside.

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