Minimising trips to the dentist

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Traditional orthodontic care requires multiple trips to the clinic throughout the treatment process. Face to face meetings usually occur every 2 to 6 weeks, depending on the severity of the misalignment and exactly which subtype of brace is being used.

Dental aligners do not work this way; instead they use a digital model of the patient’s mouth, which is taken before treatment, to pre-design a set of aligners that can transpose teeth from their current position to a fully aligned one before any treatment has even begun. It’s almost as if a digital version of your mouth has already completed treatment! And all that is left to do is create the appropriate aligners in real life and repeat the procedure in your mouth. This minimises the need to visit your local clinic, apart from the initial scanning and the final assessment.

It is still important to have a qualified professional that you can approach in the event of complications and to ensure that treatment is continuing as planned. These can be carried out in online video calls, minimising travel and reducing costs for everyone, like those who offer Invisalign London.

Invisible aligners as an alternative to braces

Did you know that you can get straight teeth without braces? No longer is orthodontic treatment only available through the use of traditional metal braces. Clear aligners have become a major part of many clinics and now, they are entering the world of online dentistry. Giving an option for those who want to improve their smile but not be anchored to a local clinic!

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Why realign teeth?

How many adults have considered orthodontic treatment before? Their first question might be why bother? If alignment hasn’t done me any harm, what is the need to correct it?

There are solid clinical reasons for correcting misalignments, that either were not addressed during childhood or considered too minor to require treatment. Even a small misalignment in teeth can lead to talking in a different style, to the way someone chews, eats or even resting when the rest of the mouth is closed. This does not create any noticeable difference, but does cause stress on the temporomandibular joint and the surrounding connective tissue. If you suffer from fatigue, headaches, jaw stiffness and occasional migraines as well as a misalignment, it is possible you are experiencing the repetitive strain disorder caused by your teeth being awkwardly misplaced. But these issues often seem so minor in childhood, that they are not considered worthy of treatment until later development.

Patients often underplay their cosmetic or aesthetic goals, particularly males, but teeth make up a significant aspect of your appearance. And with so much emphasis being placed on first impressions, it is unwise not to take advantage of the opportunity to correct a misalignment, even if it is solely for aesthetic reasons. As they can very quickly change into lost opportunities in both private and professional life.

Orthodontic treatment costs

Treatment costs for adult orthodontic care are significant, which can pose a challenge to some patients. But many clinics and even online based providers can offer payment plans and 0% interest options after initial assessment.

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