Multifunctional Garden Rooms: Creating an Outdoor Oasis

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With family members at home during the pandemic, it’s the best time to organize activities and keep them occupied. Moving to a new home may have crossed your mind, but with the pandemic going on, it’s tough to make any life-changing decisions right now.

Now you’re left with one thing — spruce up your space by adding an extra room. Having an extra room may not seem a bad idea; it enables the family to do other activities without being on top of each other. Perfect for entertaining guests and accommodating growing families, an extra room is a perfect living area if you’re running out of space to dwell on at your home.

As summer approaches, upgrading your garden into a multifunctional living space is the answer when life indoors gets too suffocating. If you have an overgrown wilderness or a bare lawn in the backyard, why not turn it into something more useful and valuable?

Homeowners are taking their gardening game to the next level by adding a garden room, an aluminum fence, raised patio, and other features to make their outdoor oasis more inviting. To ensure a smooth transition towards the outdoors, here are some ways to create a multipurpose garden room.

Split it up

Garden rooms make a perfect canvas to turn into something valuable and useful. Since gardens are quite versatile, there’s no excuse to make them more functional. But deciding where to start can be pretty confusing, especially if you have many plans for the garden room.

Setting up partition walls is a great way to create a multifunctional space. Partition walls allow you to create multiple areas in the garden room, especially if each area has different uses and the designs don’t blend. The number of rooms may depend based on your needs and how you plan to use the garden room. Most people turn it into a storage area to keep unsightly garden supplies and old furniture out of their sight.

But don’t let limit the garden room as a storage area. Homeowners today are turning their garden rooms into home offices. Having separate rooms in a garden offers more privacy. If you have family members working from home and attending virtual schooling, staying in the same room can be distracting. Setting up a partition wall will allow each person to focus on their work while enjoying privacy.

Other ways to transform your garden room is to turn it into a guest space, garden gym, home salon or spa, and entertainment space. Whatever you pick, make sure to set up partition walls for more functionality and privacy.

Use functional furniture

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Another secret to creating a multifunctional garden room is through proper furnishing placement. If you think partition walls are too restricting, use large items such as bookshelves or sofas to form room divisions. This is a simple and cheaper way to make a multifunctional space, especially if the garden room is too small.

You can also go for multifunctional pieces. For example, a large dining table is not ideal for a small garden room since it’s difficult to move and uses plenty of space. As much as possible, you need a room where everyone can move and work freely without any obstructions. A foldable dining table is a more practical option to make room for other functions and activities.

For some people, adding large items takes too much space. A great alternative is to make an open floor layout with minimalism in mind. Do this by adding floor rugs and carpets to create zones or group furniture pieces together to allow more space for movement. Another popular option is furniture combos, which you can use as storage, room divider, and room decor, making it perfect for creating separate areas within an open-plan layout.

Consider nature

Let’s say you want an open-air garden room to fully enjoy your outdoor living space. To make this happen, you need to consider the layout, sun exposure, wind patterns, hardscape, and furnishings.

The direction of your outdoor space will define its functionality. Consider the sun exposure and wind patterns so you can use the area, whether in the summer or winter. If your area gets a lot of sun, install proper roofing for protection against heat and rain. For the furniture, choose something washable, weather-resistant, and practical for outdoor use.

Upgrading a garden into a multifunctional area is well worth the effort. Having more outdoor space offers more room to have your family and friends over. If you have an extra space at home and don’t know what to do, don’t be afraid to experiment. Whatever it turns out, it will surely turn into something useful that adds greater value to your living space.

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