Not Just for Leisure: What We Can Learn from Today’s Youngsters About Their Love for Travel

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Ask a typical millennial and Gen Z what they would love to do during their free time and you will more or less get travel as an answer. Indeed, millennials are known to be obsessing about their travel goals. Gen z is not far behind. In fact, millennials are willing to spend $5,000 on vacations alone. But note that youngsters are not only traveling for mere pleasure. They are actually shaping the future of travel in many ways.

How the Young Generation Is Shaping the Future of Travel

Today’s young generation may not be as rich as Gen X and Baby Boomers. But they are spending their limited resources and are willing to spend more just to be able to travel more often. They don’t let their lack of cash to stop them from traveling.

Millennials who travel for business make sure they have enough time to unwind, de-stress, and have fun after an eventful day of work. They spend some leisure time in their business destination. Indeed, they are taking the bleisure trend to the next level.

Youngsters these days are also taking advantage of the latest innovations to make their travel worth it. They use online research to search for their travel destinations, find ways to save money while traveling, and embrace loyalty programs. They use numerous apps to book cheaper flights, check reviews of their accommodations, and travel in style.

What Can We Learn from Gen Z and Millennials’ Love for Traveling

Despite their young age, millennials and Gen Zs can teach us a thing or two when it comes to embracing travels. Here’’s some worth mentioning.

  • Pack Light and Pack Right

Young people are able to bring everything they possibly need for a trip without paying for excess baggage. Due to their love of travel and the numerous trips they already took, they learned how to pack light and still make the most out of their limited baggage. They do packing tricks that go beyond wearing layers of clothing before checking in.

Millennials pack their bags as if their life depended on it. They bring along essential clothes that can be worn in layers and in multiple occasions. Have you ever seen one use their snow pants from Bogner as a stylish alternative for trousers?

It may seem like they have enough clothes to last half a month. But in reality, they just learn the art of mixing, matching, and layering the right ensemble. This eliminates the need for them to bring along dozen of clothes for their OOTDs.

  • Don’t Be Afraid to Leave Honest Feedback and Reviews

If millennials or Gen Zs are dissatisfied with anything, they are willing to voice out their dissatisfaction. Older generations tend to leave things be. But for the youngsters, they will leave honest reviews in hopes of telling business owners the things they can work improvements on.

They also post feedback to give other travelers real insight into what they can expect in the future. They demand better, personalized service, greater flexibility, faster internet connection, and unique experience. All these help foster changes that any generation will surely take advantage of.

  • Leverage Available Technology

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Younger generations are always seen with their gadgets or laptops. They use these technologies for more than just fun and games. They do adequate research, book their travels, choose the best accommodations depending on their budget, and even use apps to streamline their travels.

Millennials make sure of different apps to aid better travels. They use apps that enable them to keep up with their itinerary, stay on top of their travel budget, and find the best alternate routes when on a road trip. They even use certain apps to automate expense reports during business travels.

  • Travel to Accomplish Many Endeavors

Millennials don’t only travel just to do business or have a bit of leisure time. Many of them travel in another country in hopes of getting a better job opportunity. They recognize the fact that sometimes, it takes guts and willingness to find another market in another place in order for their career to thrive.

Many are already digital nomads, who travel in numerous places with their laptop backpacks on tow. They now work from virtually anywhere, enjoying fun travels while making money. They are trying to live the life of a remote worker without tying themselves in their home office.

Youngsters are also more likely to go on travels to fulfill a purpose. Gen Zs and millennials travel to do volunteer work more than the older generations. This goes to show that charitable trips are becoming increasingly popular and the young generations are accelerating the trend.

Young generations have different things in mind when traveling. They don’t do it merely for business, for pleasure, and for the experience. They do this to contribute to society, find better opportunities, and as a way to take better care of their mental health. In a way, they are helping shape a better travel experience for other travelers no matter their age. We can all learn how to be better travelers by adopting their traveling dos of both millennials and Gen Zs.

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