Practical Ways to Carve Out a Promising Career as a Travel Blogger

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If you enjoy jet-setting around the world, then it’s time to shimmy into the world of travel blogging.

Sharing stories about your travels is quite a lucrative venture. Not only do you get to talk about your exciting expeditions, but you also get to rake in six figures annually. You can earn big bucks just by detailing your visit to Japan’s heritage spots, your swim in the Maldives, or your impressions on Istanbul’s cuisines.

So, if you want to launch a groundbreaking career as a travel blogger, here are some practical tips to get you started on this life-changing journey.

Cook up a Catchy Name

When starting a travel page, you have to whip up a catchy name for your blog. It’s not something you just come up with in a matter of seconds. You can dedicate a whole week to think of a suitable name for your website. Your domain name has to reflect your identity and style as a travel blogger. It has to be witty, original, and memorable. Here are a few famous travel sites you can draw inspiration from: Backpacker Banter, Independent Travel Cats, The Blonde Abroad, Never Ending Footsteps, and Finding the Universe. After deciding on a blog name, you have to check if the domain name is still available. You can surf the web to verify it.

Pick a Hosting Provider

Decide on a reliable web hosting provider for your site. Setting up a web host is essential because it will help you mount your travel page on the World Wide Web. Bluehost is a popular web host for first-time bloggers because it’s high-performing and relatively cheap. It offers great deals such as unlimited storage, free one-year domain, free site builder for only $2.95 a month. InMotion Hosting is also an affordable choice for newbies as it provides a free webpage editor, unlimited bandwidth, automatic plug-ins, and premium templates for a monthly bill of $4.99.

After securing a web host, it’s time to set up your WordPress account. That is the platform you will be using as you kick-start your blogging career. You will be managing your entire travel blog through WordPress. You’ll be using it for publishing posts, customizing layouts, managing comments, and accessing page insights. Once you delve into blogging, it’s part of your job to learn the ins and outs of operating this blogging platform.

Unleash Your Creativity


After securing your own space in the World Wide Web, you can now start with the creative process of running a travel website. Start with conceptualizing a logo and banner for your site. A logo can be a wordmark, letterform, emblem, pictorial mark, or abstract mark, depending on your preference. Just make sure that your logo represents your niche, your personality, your style, and your vision for your website. You can also get your creative juices flowing as you build your website design. There are different platforms where you can create a good website layout. Canva, Wixx, and Fiverr are the best sites to rustle up a stunning website template for your startup blog.

Hammer Out Engaging Content

Take the time to cook up a good About page for your blog. That is the first content you should work on when launching your travel site. Your About section should contain important information of the author — your hobbies, interests, or even personal anecdotes. Talk about your love for traveling, the places you’ve been to, the learnings you’ve picked along the way. Your About page should mirror your personality and style as a travel blogger. It should be interesting enough to captivate viewers to tune in to your blog.

After that, you can now start writing your first travel piece. Your introductory post must be about yourself. It is an elaborate version of your About section, so people can get to know you more. You can share your past job experiences, your inspiration for launching a travel blog, and your goals for the future. Keep your posts engaging, informative, and aspirational. More so, if you want to be a credible travel site, you must produce quality content regularly — from hotel reviews, food reviews, travel essentials, budget tips, etc. You can also make recommendations when it comes to hotel accommodations, home improvements, or air conditioning and heating services. The trick is to post a variety of content as often as you can. That will increase your chances of getting recognized by a broader audience.

Create Connections

Strengthen your online presence by tapping into fellow travel bloggers. You have to learn how to expand your network as a blogger. Reach out to up-and-coming and established travel influencers through Facebook and Instagram. Build professional and personal friendships with them, as this will be advantageous to your blogging career. Being associated with them will positively shape your image and reinforce your credibility.

You also have to learn how to create connections with your niche market. Email marketing is a cost-effective way to rake in new audiences. You can contact people through their emails and forward newsletters or copies of your blog write-up to them. Through this personalized and targeted approach, you can build relationships with your subscribers. It is a great way to encourage people’s loyalty and trust towards your website as well. Mailchimp, Benchmark, and MailerLite are just some platforms you can employ for efficiently reaching out to your followers.

If you want a jet-setting career as a travel blogger, following these steps will help you achieve that. Remember that embarking on this life-altering journey is a long-haul flight, but it’s worth every penny.

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