Quick Weekend Activities to Rid You of Stress

Our daily responsibilities can quickly deplete our energy, affecting our stress levels and mood. When we’re under too much pressure from work, household chores, or even relationships, our minds can go haywire, resulting in poor focus and low motivation.

That’s why taking breaks from time to time is essential. We can’t expect our bodies and minds to be at their best all the time when we don’t spare time for rest. The more you delay a break, the guiltier you may feel when you finally give it a chance because your mind is already conditioned to always put work first. Keep in mind that enjoying breaks isn’t being lazy. It’s giving your body ample time to recharge so that you can be on top of your game again.

That said, free up your weekend and consider these worthwhile activities to unwind:

1. Staycation in a Hotel

lady sleeping in a hotel bed

Staycation technically means staying at home, but if that place still reminds you of work and stresses you out, consider booking one of theĀ Fish Creek hotels where you can stay in over the weekend. It would feel like staying at home, but in a luxurious way because you can enjoy various amenities like a pool or a hot tub. You can completely immerse yourself in relaxation because the hotel’s staff will take care of your bedding, food, refreshments, and toiletries. Allow yourself to feel like royalty once in a while!

2. Visit an Animal Shelter

If you don’t have pets, consider visiting a local animal shelter and spend your time with adorable rescued dogs and cats. Interacting with pet animals are proven to lower blood pressure and stress hormones. Maybe you’ll end up adopting a new pet, and that way, you’ll always have a stress reliever waiting for you at home.

3. Declutter Your Space

If your mind is still restless even when you’re just at home, take a look at your space. Is clutter lying around? If your belongings are unorganized, your stress levels would only escalate, so take time to tidy up the mess. After seeing your space so much cleaner, your mind will be put at ease, and you can relax without hindrance.

4. Try Yoga

lady trying yoga to relax

If you’ve never tried yoga before, you’re in for a treat because it is a highly effective stress reliever. You can do simple stretches at home, or have yourself coached by a professional for a more enhanced experience. You’d be learning how to control your breathing and use your muscles to improve your flexibility and calm your mind.

5. Have a Picnic

Artificial indoor lighting does not provide the light that our body needs to maintain a good mood, which is why natural light is favored. Spend your weekend lunchtimes at the local park and experience how the natural sunlight aids in your relaxation and stress alleviation.

6. Go Fishing

man catching fish in a yatch

If you ever wonder why many people love to fish, try it for yourself and you’ll discover its benefits. Your first catch would surely be exhilarating and maybe you’ll want to repeat the experience and start fishing regularly. Apart from mastering some fishing techniques, the activity allows you to get close to nature, and hearing the sounds of serene waters and birds all around are music to the ears.

7. Try Stargazing

Losing yourself in the beauty of the star-filled sky can boost your imagination, making you forget about your worries. If you have a telescope, stargazing is even more fun; seeing planets or stars up close even through a lens is an incredible experience, so make time to enjoy it. If you don’t have a telescope, simply lay down outside and try to spot the constellations. You might even see a shooting star.

These activities are all hassle-free and fun, so allow yourself to enjoy any of them to relieve your stress. You’d bounce back much more inspired after having a good rest.

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