Start Today: Embracing Your Best Self

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Personal excellence comes from living a life that is attuned to your goals and ambitions. If you dream of living a jet-set lifestyle but your work and choices do not align with this dream, then it will be impossible to achieve. Similarly, if you want to be acknowledged as a leader and trendsetter, but you do not take care of your appearance or take leadership opportunities, then your desire will remain unfulfilled.

Living your life, true to who you are on the inside, means making choices that work to bring out your inner complexity and drive. Eat healthier to give yourself more stamina, visit an aesthetician to begin remaking your look, take a more active role at work to showcase your skill set, and switch careers if you are desperately unfulfilled in your current one.

All this can sound daunting, especially if you were raised to avoid being a risk-taker. Start small with simpler changes to the way you approach each day. Over time, you will find the strength and determination to embrace your true self.

Learn to Let Go

Holding on to negative experiences you have had with people and situations is hurting you a great deal. It weighs on your mind and makes you less eager to take risks and network with people.

Find a way to begin releasing tension so that you can start each day as if it were a fresh start. Do not allow negative people and opinions to live free in your head, as this will only keep you down. Your success will attract naysayers and pessimists, but try to understand that anyone trying to achieve anything will always meet jealousy. Your life is your own to live, and losing a few pessimistic friends who are stuck in their ways is no significant loss in the grand scheme of things.

Live As You

Do you currently dress a sure way to please other people? Do you choose your weekend activities to suit another person’s tastes? Are your choices influenced by a desire not to rock the boat?

Start asserting your choices here and there. Often people steam roll over quiet people because they do not put up resistance. You may be pleasantly surprised to find that presenting a more confident appearance allows you to make choices that others will respect.

Even if you come up against pushback, knowing that you are merely trying to allow your inner self to live free will let you handle difficult situations better. You deserve to make choices that please you.

Leave Behind Dissatisfaction

Often, when we are dissatisfied with where we are in life, we tend to hyper-focus on our grievances to such an extent that we do not see how to make positive changes. This can be even worse if we are surrounded by other dissatisfied people who compare their lot to other more successful people.

This is holding you back. Change the way you look at your situation from ‘I don’t like it’ to ‘How do I fix this.’ You will find that you have many more options than you previously thought simply by changing your mindset.

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Be Proactive

Once you have identified how to change your lifestyle, go ahead and begin making the changes. There is no perfect time or the right month to start living more authentically. Doing will bring you courage, and waiting may sap the willpower you need.

Be proactive with your choices and start making the changes you want to see and taking the chances you need to start living the life you want to lead.

Failure Is a Gift

We are often so afraid of making mistakes that we avoid doing new things or taking risks. But failure is a learning tool. When you fail, you know what to avoid next time. It can hone your instincts and make you tougher.

Take a close look at the people who tell you to give up because you failed. Do they lead lives you admire? Have they achieved things that you aspire to? If not, then do not let them tell you how to lead your life. No one but you can know what it is like to be you every day. So learn from failure, draw strength from its lessons, and try again better and harder.

Create Your Own Opportunities

Waiting for someone to show up and give you your chance will cause you to waste your life. This world is a dynamic place, and you need to take control of your own success. If you can find a mentor, that is very beneficial for career success. Mentors know that it takes time, effort, and a lot of hard work to achieve grand ambitions. Thus, think about what you can bring to the table. Be your own mentor and empower yourself.

Start taking classes to help improve your skills. Take a more active role on projects to showcase your leadership ability. Ask for training and opportunities so that your managers know that you see yourself as a more significant asset in the future.

Right now, at the beginning of your journey to living an authentic lifestyle, these may seem to be intimidating changes. But as you begin applying them, you will find it gets easier. Living well is a habit, and habits take time to take hold. Trust yourself and believe that you have the right to live well.

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