Why it is always best to straighten a crooked smile


For many who are unschooled in the true benefits of smiling will believe it is just a voluntary behavioural response or a friendly greeting. But the weight of a pleasing smile is so much more than that.

Smiling is often a conscious choice and can prove rewarding for the wearer in a multitude of ways: impacting positively on mental health, improving longevity, boosting the immune system and heart health and lowering stress levels.

When a smile is found to be attractive, this can lead to amazing opportunities for the wearer of such a smile. People are drawn to attractive smiles like moths to a flame. It is no wonder then, with so much pressure on the smile that more and more adults look to orthodontic treatments to give them better-looking smiles.


Invisalign St John’s Wood is one such teeth straightening solution which has gained much attention recently. The tray-based system boasts to date over 12 million happy patients who are on their way to many years of healthy happy smiling. Making use of clear intuitive medical-quality plastic aligners, this teeth straightening system offers patients comfortable, confident and convenient orthodontic help; priorities that are particularly sought after by adult patients.

Far from being a waste of time and money, straightening crooked teeth is a worthy investment that holds a plethora of positives for all-around health.

What are the plus points of teeth straightening for adults

Having straight teeth has a positive influence on how well you are able to maintain good oral hygiene. No matter the orthodontic issue (overcrowding, misaligned teeth, overbite, underbite, gaps between teeth), teeth can be notoriously difficult to clean with a toothbrush if teeth are not positioned correctly even in straight lines.

Crooked teeth create difficult-to-reach areas in the mouth where bits of food can get stuck and harmful bacteria can hide. It is difficult to manoeuvre toothbrush bristles into these awkward spaces and so oral hygiene becomes a concern.

Poor oral hygiene opens the door to many undesirable dental issues: cavities, tooth decay, bad breath and gum diseases. Straightening teeth treatments are effective in repositioning teeth so that they are easier to clean and minimise the chance that bad bacteria will overwhelm the good kinds.

Straightening teeth improves the look of a smile, making it more likely that the patient will smile more warm and winning smiles. Medical experts encourage the act of smiling for its benefit to well-being. Those who smile more authentic smiles have been found to live longer.

This is easy to believe as smiling is effective in lowering stress and blood pressure levels. The manipulation of mouth muscles in the upward smiling motion sends signals directly to the brain to produce happy-feeling neurotransmitters that are responsible for creating positivity and joy.

Modern orthodontics has seen to it that no longer does a one-size-fits-all approach match each type of orthodontic issue. Dental practitioners now offer tailored teeth straightening treatment plans to suit individual patient needs and preferences. Only a professional in-person consultation with an experienced dental practitioner can give you a reliable diagnosis and put in place a suitable plan of action to correct your orthodontic issue.

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