Why is Thailand a Popular Gap Year Destination?

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Many students are taking a gap year after finishing their A levels. They want to take a yearlong break to assess their future and think about the career path they want to follow. Some countries are more popular than others, and most go to Australia, New Zealand, Europe and some parts of Africa.

Thailand seems like a common denominator among people who do their gap years. The country’s distinct culture, cheap drinks and food, nightlife, beaches, job opportunities and others attract students. These are some of the reasons people choose Thailand as their gap year destination of choice.

Plenty of Job Opportunities

teacher and studentsGap year jobs in Thailand are plentiful; you have numerous options from bartending, hostel receptionist, tour guide, leader or organiser, teaching assistant, tutor, dive instructor and others. The country is a popular choice of many living in Europe, Australia, the United States and others.

You will have an easy time finding a program that suits you. Compare the programs on your shortlist and identify which ones allow you to obtain your objectives for the trip.

Unique Culture

If you have never been to Asia, Thailand is a great place to start exploring the region. It has a completely different culture; you will see many temples, palaces, floating markets, unique street food, delicious cuisine, and friendly locals that seem like they are always smiling.

The minority groups spread across the country provide you with a glimpse of Thailand’s diversity. When you spend your gap year here, you will do more than just make extra money and work.

Affordable Country to Live In

Unlike Europe, Thailand is an affordable country to live in even if you are just a student. Many students take multiple part-time jobs to save money for trips. They could easily afford travelling around Thailand with their savings.

If you plan to do your gap year here, you can find good value accommodation, cheap but filling food, affordable transportation and reasonable expenses for trips over the weekends.

Easy to Travel Around In

Thailand is one of the most visited countries in the world, with millions visiting every year. This has led to the development of a mass transit system that takes both locals and visitors alike to various provinces and cities in the country.

You can take the train, boats, aeroplane and bus to get from point A to B. Alternatively you can rent a motorcycle to explore after your work hours. Tour operators offer day or multi-day trips to popular attractions from big cities.

Thailand is a Beautiful Country

Thailand has fetching beaches, scenic countryside, mountains, waterfalls and other natural attractions that make tourists keep coming back for more. The south is famous for its islands and vibrant underwater ecosystems. The shores are white and the waters clear.

In the north, the mountains will call you and make you want to stay a little longer.

These are just some of the reasons to choose Thailand as your gap year destination. The country will open your eyes to a new culture and experiences. You will also save money and earn work experience during your stay.

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