Why Luxury Travel Is Now More Important Than Ever

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Even the rich and the famous want to get discounts and freebies. If billionaire Warren Buffet still uses coupons to purchase a combo meal from McDonald’s, who are we to reject a discounted airfare? But alas, those days may be well behind us now. First-class and business class tickets will likely be sold for a higher price now. After all, these tickets ensure airline passengers are as far from the rest of the passengers as possible. The sections are literally divided by a curtain. Passengers in the business class and first class don’t sit close to each other. This alone warrants higher price tags for these seats.


Whether you’re in a domestic flight to Charlotte get a matchmaker friend who’s dying to pair you with someone or you’re on your way to Paris for a little rendezvous with your beau, luxury travel will become the safest bet for any traveler. Imagine the perks of flying in first-class or business class. You won’t have to share the armrest with a stranger. You can probably remove your face mask because you will be in your own little cocoon.

Passengers in this section will also have their own servers, which means these servers have less interaction with other people on the plane. In case there’s an outbreak in the plane, it is easier for the first-class and business passengers to trace who they mingled with. On average, an aircraft can accommodate only 20 first-class and business class passengers.


The aircraft is one way to show how having the cash to spend these days make a difference in how safely one can travel. Accommodation is another thing. People will want to rent whole villas or even whole islands for their vacation. This will give them a sense of security. Instead of taking over a hotel room or suite from another traveler, those who have the means can rent a whole villa instead. Many of them will want to splurge on chalets or castles or islands.

People know that traveling won’t be the same in the post-coronavirus world. They won’t feel as safe to walk down the streets and visit their favorite sites. But they can still enjoy the picturesque California vineyards without needing to go to public places. They simply have to rent a vineyard and mingle among themselves. It’s the best of both worlds—being secluded while also enjoying what you came to California for.

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Even if people don’t want to go outside the country, they can still spend their money on domestic luxuries. Staycation is already a thing before the pandemic, but it will even be more so now that everyone is trying to stay away from big crowds. People are going to want to stay in luxury hotels and boutique hotels. This is as near as they can get to the five-star hotels they love staying in abroad.

Though some people live in luxurious mansions, they would still want to go out for a change in scenery. It can be a weekend getaway in a bed-and-breakfast or a road trip cross-country. A little luxury won’t be so bad after everything that happened in the past months.


Before, people travel without planning for it. They see a cheap airline ticket, so they book that without thinking. If it is summer, people are compelled to go to the beach. But now more than ever, traveling will be made with a purpose. People are going to save more before traveling because they want to be able to do more. There will be less flying, but there’ll be more purpose for every vacation.

Only those with deep pockets can travel as regularly as they would want. They can leave without worrying about the dent that will put on their pockets. And even if they have to spend again and again on luxurious accommodations, that wouldn’t bother them as much as it would ordinary folks.


People from the upper classes have more resources to help others. They can go on trips to help communities. They can contribute more to education, environmental sustainability, and local initiatives. Although those from the working-class love doing these things also, they don’t have the freedom of time and finances to help others. They need help themselves, too.

Traveling will not just be about vacations next time. It won’t be a mindless tour of one place. It will be more than about seeing new places. Traveling will be about the people, too. Because for this past couple of months, everyone is connected by the primal need to survive, whether you’re rich or you’re living paycheck to paycheck.

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