Why We All Need to Get Away After the Coronavirus

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It’s been eight months since governments put communities in lockdown in March. Eight months of pure agony and frustration. We’re annoyed by the simplest things because we have been cooped up inside the house for long. When the government finally lifted restrictions, people were so scared to go out that there weren’t a lot of diners, too. While there is still no indication as to when all these will end, people are transitioning to the new normal.

What’s the new normal like? There’s a lot of social distancing and wearing of masks. Some establishments close a little bit early than normal. The economy will take a while before it recovers, and people who lost their jobs because of the pandemic have to find their footing once more. But for the most part, people are beginning to get a sense of what this new world will look like. And while they mourn those they lost, it’s time to move forward, too.

Before the lockdowns happened, the tourism sector is on a one-way street uphill. It’s poised to make billions of dollars this year. The year-on-year growth of the industry has been phenomenal. Today, it is the hardest hit by the pandemic. Some people even point to globalization and the travel industry as culprits to the spread of the virus. Whether this is true or not, it shouldn’t stop you from wanting to see the world.

Many places should be discovered and explored. The ruins of Machu Picchu cannot remain hidden forever. Besides, traveling is great for your weary souls. If you’ve been stuck in your home the past eight months, it’s time to start planning where to go after this craziness is over.


Have you ever felt the need to recharge your bodies and minds? Traveling does that. It allows you to see new places and discover things about yourself. A lot of people with mental health and substance abuse problems (as long as they can afford it) even go abroad to join an alcohol detox program. Not that programs abroad are better than the local ones. It’s the change in the environment that people seek when they try to correct and recharge themselves. This is the same principle that applies to what you’re feeling right now.


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People have to do their part in helping the economy recover. That’s the local and global economy. Everyone’s lives are intertwined. Helping the global economy recover will boost the local one, too. The travel industry needs a lot of help from people who are willing to discover these amazing places once more. There are a lot of perks for tourists right now, too.

Although airfares are more expensive than before, accommodations are cheaper. Your destinations’ local tourism offices offer a lot of discounts and promotions to boost their sector. You can stay in a five-star hotel right now for the price of a three-star accommodation. The boost in the tourism sector will eventually pave the way for airlines to drop their prices once more. That will open more opportunities for you to travel in the future.

Morale Booster

Traveling is a form of a morale booster, too. When you see how other people are living as normally as they can, that will inspire you to adapt to the new normal back home, too. Sure, it’s scary to think about riding an airplane with some two hundred other passengers, but that’s why there are safety protocols in place. Also, as a frequent flyer pre-pandemic, you know exactly what to do to be as less exposed to the virus as possible.

Carpe Diem

This is the Latin term for “seize the day.” The pandemic should’ve taught you one thing: time is of the essence. Before the pandemic, you can do all things—travel, shop, eat out, and play outdoors. But during the days in quarantine, didn’t you think about what things you would’ve wanted to do if only you can? Although the government lifted travel restrictions, there are still a lot of apprehensions from people.

Make sure that it’s safe to go where you want to go. There are plenty of countries that already flattened the curve. As long as you follow their policies, you can enter the country with no issues whatsoever. It’s time to explore places you haven’t seen before. Never take anything for granted ever again. It sounds old, but it is true: you never know what tomorrow has in store for you.

You will never forget the past eight months. It brought so much pain and loss. But at the same time, it brings hope that humanity can survive whatever it needs to face.

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