Why You Should Go on a Countryside Getaway


There’s no shame that cities give us so many things that can make our daily lives more convenient, productive, and fast-paced. But sometimes, we often get exhausted from the hustle and bustle of city living and want an escape. The best way to do that? Travel and visit the countryside!

When we talk about the countryside, we think about the beauty of nature, the smell of fresh air, and the pleasant sounds of wildlife. And if you love visiting quaint villages, rolling green hills, glacial ribbon lakes, hidden valleys, a rural escape is your best choice! Whether you’re planning to a whole week of outdoor pursuit, or just a couple of days of country walk, plotting a countryside trip is worth it! Want to know what other amazing things you can expect from visiting rural towns? Read on!

1. Experience the great outdoors

Traveling to the countryside lets you experience new outdoor activities that you won’t get in the city. Such locations are filled with outdoor adventures such as horse riding, canoeing, caving, and rock climbing. Other exciting activities to try include zip-wiring across beautiful forest landscapes or paddleboarding over lakes.

If you want to relax in a picturesque open space, you can go here for a camping holiday. You can cook your meal in stunning scenery or have that memorable moment to sleep under the stars. Some locations even have uncrowded beaches where you can camp peacefully.

2. Get that tranquility and privacy

Urban towns and cities are filled with different kinds of vehicles, people, buildings, and other structures. You know the scenario. With so many things going on, it’s quite hard to find some peace and just a peaceful time with yourself. By visiting the countryside, those things are easy to get.

You can have all the privacy you need in such destinations, far from noise pollution and traffic noise. There are tons of beautiful rugged mountains and stunning open fields where you can camp for days, whether with your loved ones or just by yourself. The countryside – absolute tranquility and complete privacy.

3. Breathe in fresh, cleaner air

Cities are heavily polluted areas. With numerous vehicles and factories releasing harmful particles into the environment, you can experience various health issues from impaired breathing or higher risks of serious illnesses.

If you want to take a break from inhaling polluted air every time you go outside, why not visit the countryside for a change? Such locations offer a great abundance of grass, plants, and trees that provides better and cleaner air.

4. Interact with different animals

The countryside is also known for its abundance of wildlife and various farm animals. If this is something you’d love to see and experience, then plan that trip now. Depending on the exact location, you get to see countryside animals such as badgers, deer, bats, and all kinds of birds. Who knows, you might be able to encounter a fox in the wild?

Apart from wildlife, the countryside also has tons of farm animals you’ll surely love to interact with. Plus, they are usually safer to come near to since their farm-raised (obviously). Most farms would be happy to entertain polite travelers and give them a tour. You can try feeding the chickens or bathing the pigs. If you’re lucky enough, the farm owner might even let you ride their well-groomed horses with proper cheekpieces, headstalls, and gear, of course. And if you’re luckier, you might have an unforgettable chance of milking a cow!

country side lake

5. Easy access to organic food

The countryside is also popular for easy access to natural or organic food. Most of these locations have various farms and markets where you can get fresh veggies, fruits, and eggs right from the source! Cool, right? Take a break from eating unhealthy, processed meals you’re having back in the city and go on fancy organic food shopping instead. This is perfect for individuals who want to purchase quality organic food with less exposure to harmful pesticides used for production.

A countryside trip is perfect for people looking to experience simple and slow living, escaping the traffic and rush of city life. It’s a kind of place where you can have a clear view of the stars at night with the sky not clouded by pollution or skyscrapers. It’s a place where you can peacefully enjoy nature, animals, and yourself, leaving your stresses in the city. Take a break from your busy city life and reward yourself on a countryside trip!

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