10 Travel Essentials Every Jet Setter Should Have


Traveling is among the top means of recreation that people do, even during crises like pandemics. Visiting places far from one’s location offers a unique opportunity to experience a different kind of culture, history, and way of life. It’s an experience that is both pleasurable and educational, even life-changing in some respect.

If you happen to be a frequent flyer or a jet setter, you should never leave home without some important things packed in your luggage. These essential items can ensure safe travel that is also comfortable and enjoyable.

Be sure to always take these ten jet-setting essentials for trips that you won’t forget:

Relevant travel guide

It’s critical to have some reference materials about the place that you’ll visit to have situational awareness of the trip. It will also offer you great tips and tricks on what safety precautions to do, where to go, and what to do. In short, it will help your trip end on a sweet note.

For example, you need to sign up for an African magazine subscription if you’ll be traveling anywhere in the continent since it’s a vast place with lots of interesting places to visit. Such reference materials come in printed and digital formats, so you only have to choose which one you prefer. With them as your guide, you can definitely look forward to trips that would be one for the books.

Power bank

You can’t expect to always find an available wall outlet to plug your gadgets into to fill it with juice for your next trip. As such, be sure to invest in a high-capacity power bank, so you can head on an all-day adventure without worrying about your phone’s battery dying. A 10,000 mAh power bank is a fairly great buy since it could recharge most smartphones to full capacity at least twice over.

Basic/maintenance medicines


If you or your travel buddy has maintenance medicines, you need to have enough supply of them to last your entire trip. If the medicines can be bought over the counter in the country or state you’re visiting, then you may bring a copy of the prescription. You should also have basic medicines for headaches, loose bowel movement, common cold, and the like.

Extra phone/global SIM

It’s important to bring a spare phone that you could use if your main phone suddenly acted up. It would be great if it’s a smartphone, so you can install communications apps such as Messenger and Viber to connect with your family, colleagues, and friends. Also, be sure to invest in a global SIM card and have it loaded when visiting a foreign country so you can make calls or texts and use the internet while traveling.

Universal travel charger adaptor

A power bank is great but you need something to plug directly into a wall outlet so your power bank and gadgets can be recharged at the end of every trip. You can opt to buy the specific type of plug used in the country you’re visiting but it would be more practical if you’ll just spend a few extra dollars to buy a universal travel charger adaptor instead.


If you need to compose emails, view your travel photos before uploading them, or do other tasks using a large screen, a tablet would be an excellent item to take with you. While a laptop is the better choice for optimum productivity, a tablet can offer similar features without the excess heft and real estate requirement. Many tablets can also be charged using a power bank, so they’re pretty much like a smartphone but only with bigger screens.

Action camera/DSLR


Your travel won’t be complete without photos and videos to document your adventures. With this, you should bring either an action camera (if you’ll be doing lots of adrenaline-inducing stuff) and a proper digital SLR camera for the less-risky activities. Make sure to have a few memory cards for these devices because you’ll never know many photos and videos you’ll shoot.


Hygiene should be a top concern for many travelers, so bring a decent-sized toiletry set that would easily pass airline security. Sure, the hotels will have complimentary ones, but you should always have a personal set with you.

Travel wallet

Your cash, ATM/debit/credit cards, IDs, passport, and other important documents and items should be safely kept in a travel wallet. There are plenty of great wallets that you can find for a few dollars, so this should be an easy score. When possible, see if it has an RFID-blocking feature to keep your cards safe from wireless scanning.

Electronic copies of documents

Things can go haywire and you could lose your physical passport, IDs, and other pertinent documents. Don’t be caught off-guard and be sure to scan these documents and keep copies in your email and phone.

Traveling should be more fun, safer, and more memorable with these jet-setting essentials.

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