The RV Lifestyle: Does It Make Sense to Live in an RV?

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These days, more people are planning to invest in recreational vehicles (RVs). The pandemic made everyone shelter in place. But as lockdowns are lifted, more people who want to travel are willing to trade their regular lifestyle with RV living. Some may think that such a lifestyle is simply cool but never an option. But for others, they already made the switch and started to hit the road in their own RVs.

An RV may not be your typical investment. After all, many people would be saving money for their first home and are busy improving their houses instead of settling down in an RV. But for some people, they are now reaping the rewards that RV living has to offer.

Why People Are Loving the RV Lifestyle

Having the ability to travel and stay in one place for as long as possible is only one reason why many people are now into the RV lifestyle. Imagine driving in your own RV, not worrying about where you end up stopping since you already have a nice place to stay in. Your home in wheels can take you to many states and give you the best views every single time.

One can customize their RVs according to their needs and budget. You get to live in a moving house with a mini bathroom, sleeping quarters, and kitchen. You can even shop for your modern kitchen appliance stores as long as you get your measurements right.

While not every trip is smooth and perfect, you get to build unforgettable memories that you can only enjoy in your RV. The ability to enjoy lots of time in nature and all the things you can see and learn makes every second worthwhile. You can even finally travel anywhere with your family and fur babies by land.

The RV lifestyle also teaches you to enjoy the simple things in life. Such a lifestyle will make you downsize your life, your belongings, and even your mortgage. You become more mindful of what you buy, what you consume, and how you dispose of your waste.

One can also start working remotely even if you are always on the road. Thanks to today’s technology, you can charge your electronics, stay connected, and work while traveling in an RV. As long as you invest in the right technology, you are almost always good to go.

Another reason why many are hooked with the RV life is that one can test this lifestyle before committing. You can rent and try out different RVs before making the decision to invest in one. Even if you end up not using your RV all year round, you can still rent it out to other people and make money.

What to Consider Before Committing to the RV Lifestyle

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Before you say yes to RVing, there are many things you need to consider. Your budget and willingness to try should not be the only reasons to test the waters. If you are serious about it, make sure you consider the following factors.

  • The Number of People You Plan on RVing With

How many people are going with you? Do you plan on taking all of your family members? Knowing how many people are likely to come with you will help you determine the kind and size of RV you need to invest in.

  • Where and How Often Do You Plan on Changing Locations

There should be at least three destinations in your head that you really want to go to once you start your life on the road. Take into consideration where these places are and how often you plan on moving. Do you plan to stay for a few months or do you have any plans restricting your travels?

  • Your Budget on the Road

No one can tell just how much money they need onboard just to live in an RV. Your expenses will depend on many things, including your gas, food, RV insurance and repair costs, parking fees, and other expenses. If you plan on staying in a campground, you must do your research and check the average costs for parking.

  • Your Daily Routine

Your lifestyle can pretty much change once you start living in an RV. Consider how you usually spend your days. This will give you a clue on what features to invest in.

There are other things worth considering before you commit to an RV lifestyle. For most people, the perks outweigh the risks and cons. If you are still unsure of RVing full-time, you can always try it out first before making the decision. This is a better choice than to blindly follow your guts only to have regrets later on.

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