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The unexpected will always happen, in the moment the unexpected may cause people to change course and make the decision to take an unplanned action that may be seen as necessary to resolve the given situation.

These situations can be caused by some being involved in an accident such as a traffic accident or an incident on a sports playing field, that may cause some harm to a person’s teeth, gums, or general mouth area that may leave them in severe pain and may mean they need to urgently access a dental practice.

There are also times when some people may find that they are suffering from a sudden unexplained toothache that is persistent, this may cause a person to lose sleep as the pain keeps them awake at night. These people may also wish to access dental care and treatment at the earliest possible opportunity.

By understanding how to access an emergency dentist Dublin people will be able to gain access to the care and treatment they need in the shortest possible time. This will lead to the issue they are having with their teeth starting to be resolved, allowing them to feel comfortable once more when they are seeking to sleep or living their daily lives.

The first task

When someone accesses the dental practice to start receiving emergency dental care the first task of the professional treating the patient is to investigate the root cause of the issue they are having. In cases of accidents where the jaw or teeth has undergone some form of impact the cause is commonly a chip or crack in the tooth of some form of fracture to the jawbone, once this cause has been identified a suitable treatment plan can be put together to resolve the issue for the patient.


There are cases when the cause of a patient’s severe tooth pain is not caused by any physical injury or damage, this would lead a dental professional to look for any infection or abscess. When any can of infection is found the patient will be first treated with antibiotics before implementing any kind of other treatment such as a filling or extraction, as the first task here will be to treat the infection and prevent it from spreading.

When a patient first goes to see a dentist for urgent treatment for severe unexplained toothache they will be offered pain relief medication when appropriate, as one of the first things the dentist will seek to do is relieve the pain any patient is experiencing to allow the patient to feel more comfortable. By allowing a patient to feel some relief from the pain they are feeling they should be able to gain some sleep.

The patient may need to return to have the cause of the issue treated once an infection has been treated, this will be explained to them and an appointment will be made for them to return.

When it is needed

It is easy to access an emergency dentist Dublin when it is needed, normally a patient just needs to make a quick phone call to a dental practice. In most cases, they will be seen within twenty-four hours of the first contact.

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