4 Ways Your Caregiver Can Improve a Senior Family Member’s Life

caregiver and patient

Your caregivers are individuals trained to spend their energy and time taking care of a patient or family member during the most challenging time of their lives. Usually, they spend their time ensuring their patients’ or family members’ satisfaction, safety, and comfort. Time spent with their patients will differ, depending on the client’s needs. Most patients need a caregiver for different reasons.

Maybe they’re suffering from severe conditions that prevent them from living their lives independently. Or, they’re already old that they can’t move freely. Another possibility is that they’re dealing with cancer that leaves them incapable. Your family can rely on a caregiver to improve your loved one’s quality of life. Below is a guide that will enlighten you if hiring a caregiver and getting respite care services will benefit your family.

Caregivers Versus Nurses

Most clients assume that caregivers and nurses have similar duties and responsibilities, but educating yourself about their difference will help you get the best possible care for your sick or elderly family member.

  • Nurses

Nurses are licensed practitioners that can perform skilled care, including medication administration, intravenous (IV) therapy, regular injections, or tube feeding. You’ll have to depend on a nurse if your family member requires skilled care. In fact, nurses only spend a few hours in their patient’s homes and oversee the implementation of the doctor’s prescriptions.

Nurses are also familiar with evaluating the patient’s progress while recovering from a severe injury or illness. In addition, they’ll have to comply with strict educational requirements. Because there are different kinds of nurses, they’ll have to abide by the various training programs and certifications needed to hone their skills further.

  • Caregivers

On the other hand, caregivers trained in helping people with their daily living activities and providing people with companionship. Unlike nurses, they’re not skilled in medical care. Instead, they offer personal touches. Most caregivers create a deeper bond with a patient by helping them with the daily activities that they might not do freely. That can be cooking their meals, grocery shopping, or bathing.

Your caregivers can help your elderly family members who can’t continue living on their own. Bear in mind that the healthcare provider you’re hiring will depend on a patient’s needs and situation. One might need both a caregiver and a nurse for assistance.

caregiver and senior patient

How a Caregiver Can Help

By calling in a caregiver, your elderly family member can feel safer in your home while getting the assurance that their well-being and health are in good hands. Having a caregiver will allow them to have a more comfortable life that they couldn’t enjoy without assistance. Here’s how your caregivers can help your family member.

  • Helps With Medication Administration

Handling medication administration will allow the caregiver to aid a patient in drinking their pills and ensuring that they don’t experience any side effects or adverse reactions from the medicine. Your caregiver should be familiar with the patient’s medical history and do their research if they want to ensure that your family member is in good hands.

Learning about your family member’s medical history will help a caregiver ensure that they’re taking the proper medications at the right time. Besides, they can keep them safe by making sure they take their medicines properly to avoid potentially lethal or dangerous effects.

  • Offers Companionship to the Patients

Most caregivers will also prioritize their patient’s hygiene. That’s a huge benefit because people can’t care for themselves as their conditions or age progresses. If that happens, it can result in different health problems and conditions for your family; hence, calling a caregiver to relieve you of these problems is a great solution. Most can help a patient with grooming, dressing, or bathing.

That will allow your family member to have a healthy and clean personal grooming and hygienic routine. Your family member will look and feel good when they’re clean, which can ultimately improve their mood and quality of life.

  • Offers Light Housework for Comfort

Hiring a caregiver will also allow your family member to meet new people and bond with them, resulting from their time together. Due to their old age, your elderly family member might experience the loss of their friends or find it hard to socialize like they used to. In turn, that loneliness will consume them, turning into depression, resulting in a health condition that you can’t control.

  • Helps With Day-to-Day Living Activities

One of the easiest ways a caregiver can make a huge difference in their patient’s life is by helping them with their day-to-day chores. Like personal care services, offering light housekeeping allows your family member to stay happy and healthy, improving their quality of life. That can include doing the laundry or dishes, taking out the trash, getting rid of clutter, or maintaining a clean home.

By maintaining a clean home, they can put a patient’s family or friends at ease.

Taking care of your loved ones will give them a healthy, fulfilled, and satisfying life while easing your worries. Giving them the best possible care is one of the best ways that can help you improve your approach to their situation and conditions.

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