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Let’s get one thing straight: Being stylish is not always about wearing the most expensive brands. Often, it’s about looking good by learning to shop wisely. Learning how to be trendy is also about buying less and transforming your appearance in the process.

The effects of the pandemic in recent years have made a significant impact on our lives. Many things have changed- from our workplace, how we spend holidays, who to see, where to go, to how we dress up.

Whether you’re a total fanatic of online shopping or you prefer to wear comfortable home clothes, there have been numerous changes to how we see fashion. And since we spend most of our time at home nowadays, we can take advantage of it and use it to assess our clothes. As we slowly transition back to our normal lives, now is the time to determine what to let go of and what should stay.

This article will help you look more stylish, make new wardrobe spaces, and save money as you make yourself look better than before.

Rule 1: Don’t Buy An Outfit For One Occasion

Don’t deny it. At least once in your life, you have probably bought an outfit for an upcoming high school reunion, Christmas party, wedding, or family gathering. Indeed, it’s exciting to head somewhere to celebrate something special, and that’s why you need to wear something nice for the occasion. But ask yourself, “Is a new outfit necessary?” Because sometimes, no matter how nice the clothing you buy, it rarely gets worn for a second time around.

Instead of buying new outfits for every occasion, try to revamp your wardrobe by adding versatile pieces. Make sure to own blouses, tops, skirts, pants, and dresses for all events, and learn how to mix and match your clothes.

Rule 2: Consider Owning Various Accessories

You can wear the simplest dress there ever is, but you can still look fab and stylish with the right accessories. Don’t just go for the usual accessories like earrings and necklaces. Expand your possessions by having pieces for different weather and occasions.

Some essential accessories you should have include hats, sunglasses, gloves, cute socks, and many more. You can also try to borrow your mom’s timeless jewelry from the 70s. But if you have more courage, go ahead and borrow your brother’s construction or worker earmuffs and pair them with your knee-high boots.

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Rule 3: Get Out of Your Comfort Zone

One of the main reasons people can’t seem to find their preferred style is that they are afraid to try new things. In fashion, getting out of your comfort zone is a must. If you’re the kind of person who finds comfort in trousers and baggy pants, no one is judging you, but it’s time to make a drastic change.

Keep your favorite pieces hidden in the meantime, and shop for something that you don’t usually wear. It sounds scary, but when you realize that skinny jeans and crop tops look good on you, you might end up ditching your old-style right away.

Rule 4: Don’t Buy Things that Don’t Suit You

You don’t need a doctorate to know what suits you and what looks terrible on you. With one look in the mirror, you can instantly say if a piece of clothing or accessory is right for you or not. Don’t ever make the mistake of buying something that doesn’t even suit you, thinking it would look good later because no, it won’t.

Furthermore, don’t buy clothes without trying them on first. No matter how cute and cheap they are, don’t waste money. Only go for the things that you’re confident of wearing. Besides, stuff that won’t fit you will only add clutter to your wardrobe, collecting dust until you forget about them.

Rule 5: When in Doubt, Go for Black

There are days in our lives when we don’t know what to wear. Time’s running out, your date is almost at the door, and you still can’t find the perfect outfit to wear. So what should you do? There’s only one thing to do at times like this, wear black. You can never go wrong with black as it suits every occasion.

Plus, black outfits are easy to style. So hop into your shiny black dress, wear your red stilettos, match it with a cute clutch, and you’re good to go.

But above all these, the best thing to wear is confidence. You can look more fashionable if you feel good about how you look. Make sure to follow these rules to stay stylish all season.

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