Modern Guards: A Guide in Choosing Best Fence For Your House

If there’s one thing that never gets old in your house design — due to its purpose and essence — that’s the fence. It serves as a barrier to protect the people, animals, if any, and the house itself. It also gives privacy on your property as its enclosure hinders other people outside to take a peek inside. There are also designs that have spaces in between as their asset. The design of the fence also provides additional emphasis on your property.

Putting up fences will always be a good investment and it pays if you choose a good one which would not just fit your taste but would also give your house a touch of modern finish. Here are some types of fences you can choose from.

Picket Fence

If you are looking for affordable yet stylish guards for your area, this one is a good choice. This fits all budget types and never gets out of style. It is usually installed parallel to each other giving it a classic look. This usually comes in wood, metal, or vinyl material. You just have to choose which would fit your area according to the weather system.

Cons of having this type of fence are first, you won’t have good security and/or privacy that you may want. Picket fence usually comes in a smaller height than other types and as mentioned, it is installed parallel to each other causing gaps into it. Also, if the material that you’d use are woods, it could be worn out sooner or later depending on the location and its sustainability under certain weather conditions.

Bamboo Fence

Wanting a Zen look and touch of nature as your house guard? This might just fit you. Usage of Bamboo as fencing has been on trend since the use of hardwood has been mainstream and very common. Compared to other wood types, bamboo can withstand weather conditions and has its own natural stylish look.

As per, bamboo fencing is extremely resistant to sun and weather damage and can hold up well even to severe heat and humidity, and cold and snowfalls. This makes bamboo more durable than the other, but it doesn’t give the notion of it being much superior to hardwoods. Aside from that, bamboo fencing is commonly installed next to each other giving you the privacy and security that you need.

Though having a good advantage, you might want to reconsider spending your budget when having this type of fence on your house. It has been mentioned that this hasn’t been very common because of its price. Also, you have to ensure to use a good sealant on this for it can be rotten in time when exposed to too much water.

Metallic Fence

iron gateWhether wanting a minimalist or grandiose design, this type of fencing might just fit you. Metals, as we all know, are very flexible in terms of design for it can be formed into different designs whether intricate or different shapes and sizes. Most of the time, wrought iron and aluminum fences are the most commonly used types.

This fencing is welded to each other and is installed as it is. These are also cost-effective, especially the aluminum ones, compared to other metals but are a lot more expensive than wood type. Despite its cost, this type of fencing will still be a good investment for it is long-lasting.

Aside from higher cost than wood types, another considerable disadvantage of it is its installation process. It requires quite a number of time from its manufacturing to the installation and finishing touches.

Mixed Material Fence

Have you ever thought of stone and metal at the same time? This is what mixed material is. If you are looking for a modern and concrete guard, this type of fence is exactly for you. This type of fencing gives your house a modern look for it is much different from the mainstream. It could also give you protection and security because of its concrete and durable design.

Such intricate design requires quite a budget in building, causing this type of fencing to be expensive. But because of the security that it can serve you, it would be a good investment for its long-lasting material.

Glass Fence

This type of fencing is perfect if you have your own pool. This makes your area look bigger and spacious because it has a see-through design. You can have it either with a frame or not. Glass has always been durable and weatherproof making it last more than other types. Another advantage is you can easily clean this type of material.

Though having a promising advantage, at a glance, it can be denied that this will be more costly than the other types mentioned. And it also can be easily scratched on the surface.

According to Ibis World with regard to the fencing industry, industry revenue is expected to increase at an annualized rate of 1.0% to $7.3 billion. This shows that the industry will still increase despite the pandemic. As mentioned many times in this article, putting up a fence can be very expensive but it is a good investment given that this provides security and protection not just to your home but most importantly, your family. After all, protecting them would be on the topmost priority despite spending much over on a fence.

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