Need a reason to say yes to adult braces? 5 advantages you probably haven’t thought of!

adult braces

As a child, you probably scoffed at the idea of wearing an aligner to straighten your teeth. As an adult, you probably wish you had undertaken the treatment as a child. In the UK alone, 75% of all adults have slightly off-centre, misaligned, spaced or protruding teeth meaning that if you aren’t happy with how your smile looks in photos, you are not alone. While you may think that having your smile straightened will involve the wearing of a metal aligner (the kind you avoided as a child!), this is not the case.

With modern advances in adult orthodontics, more and more people are approaching their dentists for help with straightening their teeth and are surprised by the different types of aligners which are available. With the popularity of braces in Liverpool like Invisalign, the Inman Aligner and even SIx Month Smiles, you will not be short of choices when it comes to choosing the perfect aligner for you.

In the article, the advantages of adult orthodontics will be explored, allowing you to see the advantages of straightening your teeth in your more advanced years. Enjoy!


OK, so back to the concerns that many people had as children about wearing braces from Liverpool; chances are, the aligners you were offered were metal, large and far from discreet.

One of the key advantages of adult-based braces near Liverpool is that they are visually unimposing. With many of these options either being made from clear plastic trays, or using clear brackets to attach the thin wires to your teeth, you will not be drawing any unwanted attention when wearing one! Perfect!

Advanced technology

Worried that wearing an aligner as an adult will be more uncomfortable? Thanks to advancements in orthodontic technology, all adult aligners are designed to be more comfortable to wear and, even if you do have a fitted option, the technology behind the brace will not put additional pressure on your teeth. In short, that pain you were worried about as a kid is taken out of the equation, allowing you to focus on more important things.

Dental health


There is a concern that with any kind of fitted aligner, dental health will suffer. However, as all adult based aligners offer an accelerated treatment, chances are that you will only be wearing them for about 6 months, and so, there is no time for dental issues like decay or periodontal disease to form.


It goes without saying that many adults suffer from heartburn but did you know that having incorrectly aligned teeth may play a role? As well as being a hindrance on your smile, your crooked teeth may also be causing you to incorrectly grind food, resulting in poorer digestion. One advantage of wearing an aligner is that you will notice the change that it makes to your gastrointestinal health.

Fantastic results!

Another benefit is that as an adult, you will appreciate the results more! And, once that aligner is off, you will notice the confidence boost more!

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