On Spontaneous Travels: How to Effectively Plan Them

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Life can be so stressful at times that it may make you want to escape to your hideaway. Not everyone, though, has the luxury of time and even money to do that.

However, you might have saved up some money, and a small portion of it could be enough for a four-day sojourn in the next state or another country. Yes, you are traveling on a whim, but that does not mean that you will not make a plan. Even spontaneous trips need some degree of planning to avoid disasters and unexpected turns along the way.

If you are looking to travel sooner than expected, here are some of the important items you may want to keep in your mind:

Decide where you want to go

Chances are last-minute booking will yield you expensive flights. So from here, you may want to pick a destination based on the cheapest flights available (it’s exciting!). But if you really want to visit a specific place in mind, yet the ticket is still expensive, use a VPN or private browser to find tickets through a different currency. You may also need to consider the practicality of the entire trip, especially when it comes to visas.

Pick a central location for accommodation

Because you have little time for planning, take with you the skeleton of your itinerary and pick a central location for accommodation. This is because strategically located hotels or hostels are close to major tourist attractions. They are also close to public transportation hubs, such as train stations and bus stops. The trains and buses stopping by your inn may potentially take you to interesting places that you have not listed in your itinerary. Just make sure that your accommodation has a Wi-Fi connection, so you can easily plan your day by looking up possible locations to visit.

Tweak your plan when you arrive

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Before you leave your home, you may be making some thorough arrangements, such as having the pipes repaired by a residential plumber first or paying the utilities and dues. However, you don’t have to apply that same degree of planning to your spontaneous trip. Just outline your itinerary and go into details once you arrive at your destination. Besides searching the web for interesting places to visit, one great approach you may want to try is to ask locals about the hidden gems in their community. Chances are these places are not yet filled with tourists. The receptionist at your inn may have a wealth of information on destinations that are not mainstream yet.

Take a friend with you!

Who says you can go on your own? While it’s okay to go on solo travels, you may want to invite your friend randomly. They may say “no” to this, but remember that there is still a slight chance that they may go with you. Who knows, they may be experiencing the same phase as yours where they also want to run away for a while.

It’ll go well!

Spontaneous travels are fun, exciting, and full of wonderful possibilities. While there may be little to no plan, you’ve got to trust that it will go well. Just be wary of the deals you are availing of and the people you’re talking to.

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