Practical Ways to Keep Your Dog from Escaping the Yard

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Dogs are lovely companions, no wonder why they are man’s best friends. Sometimes, though, no matter how much attention you give them, they’d still dash out to the other side of the fence. If you’re like most pet owners, you’d probably feel frustrated and wonder what makes your canine companion think that the grass is greener on the other side.

Possible Reasons Why Your Dog Escapes Your Yard

Canines are naturally curious creatures. Whenever they sense a movement, smell food, or see a potential playmate—or threat—beyond the fence, they’re very likely to make a run for it. Or, it could also be that your beloved pet is lonely and looking for company. But don’t fret. There are relatively easy ways to keep your furry friend from escaping your backyard.

Ensure Proper Protection

For some dogs, a standard wooden fence is enough to prevent them from fleeing your property. Other dogs, however, like to jump or climb their way out of yards. Some pets even chew on woods to create a hole they can slip through. For safety reasons, you want to upgrade your barrier into heavy-duty metal fencing. This way, you won’t have to worry about your pets eating wood, which has hidden hazards to your furry friend’s health.

If your dog likes to burrow tirelessly to create an escape, you want to install an L-footer at the bottom of your metal fence. You can bury the L-footer on the ground or add rocks or planters to keep your yard’s aesthetic in place.

As an extra measure, extend your fence so high that even the biggest and tallest four-legged member of your family can’t jump over it. You can also install a coyote roller as double protection: it keeps coyotes from coming in and your dogs from dashing out. Lastly, it helps to keep an eye on climbing aids, like trash cans or benches, that your pet could use to escape.

Your biggest problem with this setup will be deep thinkers. Because they know they can’t climb their way out of your metal fencing, they’d wait for someone to open the gate and dash out every chance they get. To keep these witty creatures from fleeing, it helps to install a double gate. This type of security requires a person to pass through another gate after the first one, making it extra difficult for your pet to sneak out.

A Dog Squinting

Give It the Benefit of the Doubt

There are times when dogs outsmart humans and find ways to escape from even the sturdiest and most well-thought-of barrier. But that’s okay. The best thing to do is prepare for the worse and give your dog credit for being such a witty creature. Just make sure to equip your dog with a GPS-enabled collar that can track its location when it succeeds on its escape mission. This will lessen the time spent on hunting your furry companion and worrying about its safety on the road.

Spend Time with Your Best Friend

Perhaps the best measure you can take is to spend more time with your canine best friend so it won’t go looking for love and attention elsewhere. Make your home a happy place, give it enough open space where it can channel its energy, and don’t forget to play with them whenever you can.

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