Townhouse Living: When the Property is Worth It


The kind of lifestyle we wish to achieve can be affected by the type of residential property we choose while searching for our first (or second) home. Among the many to choose from, townhouses stand out since they are marginally cheaper compared to traditional detached homes but still come with land. The lower price points, however, come with a few downsides in the form of lack of privacy due to the shared walls between townhouses as well as “hidden expenses” like Homeowners Association fees.

To make a townhouse worth your while and money, consider first the numerous aspects that can potentially affect your stay on the property in the unforeseeable future.


Location is the first of several factors that can affect numerous aspects of your life, starting with your household’s daily routine plus the expenses that go along with it. That is why a townhouse should be established in a prime location to increase its worth to your household.

Now, what you think of as a “prime location” may be different from what another person thinks. Still, the general gist from the experts is that townhouses have to be located near certain establishments to be considered prime. A few examples are schools ranging from kindergarten to secondary, grocery stores or corner shops, retail strips, and parks. These are the places that we often go to either for needs or relaxation, which makes having them near your townhouse more important since the proximity will help cut down on gas or commute expenses.


Compared to condo units, townhouses come with its set of properties. As for its similarities with single-family homes, it’s much more difficult to renovate or expand with a townhouse since it’s connected to other properties. That is why you need to select one that will be able to accommodate your current household without changes being made.



  • Security

The safety of your family is always a top priority, and the townhouse of your choice shouldn’t neglect this aspect of life in exchange for design and aesthetic. The structure itself should hold its own even in calamities and have safety measures in place even when there’s no trouble brewing.

Such measures can come in two forms: technological or human. Some developers provide CCTV cameras so that the residents can see who enters and leaves the compound. However, having guards postponed at the entrance isn’t something to ignore either. The best scenario is that the townhouse you’re looking at offers both.

  • Carports or Garage

The spots in which you can park your car should be thought of as well. This factor is especially true in areas where the weather can get too hot or too cold, depending on the time of your year. A good townhouse offers carports to its residents in Brisbane and other locations, allowing them to protect their vehicles from the harsh weather that can age vehicles quickly.

  • Community Facilities

A fantastic townhouse goes above and beyond when it comes to its offers. When searching for the right one, look at the bonuses you’ll be getting after checking for the basics. It applies to the facilities available on-hand. It’s different for each developer, but some that are commonly seen are shared outdoor spaces and kitchen, multipurpose courts, and swimming pools. These facilities may not be as impactful as other elements, but it doesn’t make it less sweet to use them.

With these factors in your chosen townhouse, you don’t have to worry about having a pleasant time living there.

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