Tips for successful dental marketing

dental marketing

There are many different techniques and strategies involved in creating a successful dental marketing campaign. Here you can learn some simple tips to help you attract new patients and hold on to your existing patients in this overcrowded market.


Most dental practices provide the same treatments and procedures. Therefore, it is important to stand out from the crowd, to help encourage patients to visit you to address their dental needs rather than your competitors. Personalisation is important for your success. By including plenty of photographs, videos and messages from you and your team, you are allowing patients to put a face to the name. This helps instil familiarity and confidence, alongside good patient reviews and ratings it also helps boost trust and credibility. By familiarising yourselves with your patients, you will put their mind at ease and encourage them to address their dental needs with you.

Competitor analysis

Is important to know what your competitors are offering. Browsing the websites of the local dental practices in the area and analysing their dental marketing campaigns is important. You will be able to find out which areas of dentistry they specialise in, trends in the market and gaps in the market which you can use at your practice to attract more patients to you. Type ‘dental practice near me’ and check out the top two or three websites on the search results list to find out what they are doing right and how you can improve your website to help boost your position in the search results list too.

Be present

You need to create a strong online presence to help attract new patients in this overcrowded market. To do this it is not enough to have an official website on its own. You need to be present on the website, updating and improving pages on a regular basis, uploading new content, finding out which pages are not attracting much traffic and either improving these or removing them all together and replacing them with new content. It is also important that you have an active social media account in this era of digital technology. This is so that you can communicate with your patients on an informal basis without them having to make any commitment to you. This helps to build trust and credibility, as well as familiarisation, and will encourage patients to address their dental needs with you.

Look after your existing patients

consulting dentist in cleaning teeth

It is important that whilst trying to attract new patients to your practice you remember to keep in touch with your existing patients. With plenty of attractive information about your competitors at their fingertips, it would be unreasonable to expect patient loyalty from everyone. You need to keep in touch with your patients using email marketing, through social media and by making sure you keep your website and your social media pages updated on a regular basis. Use special offers and promotions, as well as information encouraging patients to visit the dentist on a regular basis and address their dental needs.

By making sure you are putting time and effort into your dental marketing campaign you can help boost patient numbers at your practice and continue to be a success for many years to come.

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