The Jetsetter’s List of Non-beauty Essentials

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Travel is slowly looking more optimistic as more and more countries roll out vaccinations. With the next adventure approaching, it’s time to keep an inventory of your travel bag items and see what you need going forward.

We can all expect to see global travel making long-term changes due to COVID-19 precautions. Because of these necessary adjustments, there are several essentials that you need to include in your carry-on bag ASAP.

Makeup and travel-sized skincare products are a given in making sure you look your best despite the long flights and layovers. These are important additions to your handbag this 2021.

1. Hand Sanitizer & Hand Cream

Strictly speaking, these are two different items. We’ve put them together because a sanitizer and moisturizer need to come hand in hand whenever you go out.

Even when travel begins to resemble its pre-pandemic busyness, a hand sanitizer remains a must-have to stay safe and hygienic. Bring a sanitizer containing at least 60% alcohol and use it whenever you touch foreign surfaces.

After the alcohol dries on your skin, you must apply moisturizing hand cream. Sanitizers are good for killing germs, but they also tend to dry out the skin. A hand lotion counters these effects to make sure your skin doesn’t get itchy or irritated during your travel.

2. Dental Products

Wearing a mask for the majority of a flight doesn’t excuse poor dental hygiene. Bad breath and a face mask are two things that should never go together. Because you will be spending much of your time breathing through a mask, a portable pack of dental essentials is more important now.

Make sure you have travel-sized versions of toothbrushes and toothpaste in your bag, first and foremost. It also would not hurt to have breath mints that get rid of bacteria that cause bad breath.

Sometimes the food you eat on the journey causes unwanted stains on your teeth. A trusty tooth-whitening gel pack takes care of these discolorations without compromising the strength of your pearly whites.

3. Extra Face Masks

Face masks will likely become a normal part of your wardrobe come post-COVID-19 times. This necessitates bringing extra face masks to stay sanitary throughout your flight, especially if it is a long haul.

Masks should not be worn for too long in a day, ideally just four to five hours. Considering check-in, boarding, travel time, and layovers, you will frequently need to change your mask. Note proper disposal practices when you throw away a used mask.

4. Acne Spot Treatment

Changing temperatures and being in a mask all day can stress out the skin and cause unwanted acne despite your best efforts. Be ready with spot treatments that will quickly address your problem areas with minimal spots.

In the case of traveling, pimple patches may be the more convenient option. They can sit comfortably beneath your mask without getting any product on it or anywhere else it doesn’t have to be. They’re also practically invisible, so you won’t have awkward white or shiny spots on your face when used.

5. Portable Disinfectant Spray

Sanitizers alone won’t cut it when making sure you feel safe and comfortable throughout your trip. Since you will need to touch several surfaces while at the airport and on the airplane, bring a small disinfectant spray for sanitation purposes.

Just remember the Transportation Security Administration’s guidelines that aerosols and other liquids need to be 3.4 ounces (100 ml) or smaller to be allowed in your carry-on. Many disinfectants come in to-go sizes that fit easily in anyone’s handbag or backpack, so finding these should not be a problem.

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6. Essential Oils

Easing back into traveling inevitably brings inconveniences and difficulty because everyone will still be adjusting. While it’s important to understand this, it does not change the fact that it will get stressful. Bringing along essential oils can help you feel more relaxed in the course of your departure and arrival.

Essential oils have numerous other health benefits, but they are instrumental in relieving stress and anxiety. Some scents are also helpful in inducing a relaxed sleep. A study from Health Focus SA showed that applying a few drops of oil to a mask before wearing can put a person in a good mood.

As travel restrictions ease, there may still be some hesitation to jump right back into it. It’s okay to take a bit more time until you feel comfortable traveling once more. When you decide to travel again, pack these essentials to be safe and ready to take on the skies again!

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