Be a Tourist in Your Own Hometown


It’s no secret how economies have suffered from the pandemic. Lockdowns all over the world have affected many businesses, with some unfortunately halting operations due to losses. But we are a resilient bunch, and we do what we can to keep standing back up one setback after another.

Now that more and more establishments are opening, we can play our part and contribute to the recovery of businesses, starting with local ones. We can rebuild the local economy by patronizing the businesses in our own city and promoting them.

The world is adapting and making ends meet. Government offices continue processing legal documents, buildings are still being commissioned, businesses continue with their day-to-day operations. Even during a pandemic, we need to support our local community- after all, we’re members of that community, and it’s to our benefit that it survives. Here are a few tips to get you started.

Check Out Your Local Mom-&-pop Restaurants

After months of staying home, ordering out, and trying new recipes, a good old-fashioned meal at a quaint restaurant is very refreshing. It’s always nice to discover new dining spots, eat comfort food, or learn about different cuisines. This time though, make a more conscious effort to find out more about small restaurant businesses in your community. They are doing their best to stay afloat as businesses while also providing good food and service.

Learn About Your City’s History

Every city has its own unique and interesting story to tell. Even if you’re not a history buff, learning and understanding more about your city will make you appreciate it more. It’s a good idea to visit historical spots and discover the stories behind them. Whether you are alone or with someone, it’s a good experience that’s both educational and insightful. Plus, it might prove useful and can be your trump card during trivia night!

Support Local Businesses (focus on non-food stuff)

Speaking of trivia night, a party with friends and family is not complete without games. You can definitely get creative with games, and you can also go to your local entertainment hubs. To support your local community, try looking for local gaming cafes too. You can go to a skate park, a bowling alley, or a comic book shop. If with a group, you can also go back to playing laser tag or challenge the detective in you in escape rooms.

Visit Museums and Landmarks

If you’re not up for a group gathering in entertainment places, a walk through museums and scenic spots will help support local tourism. You can go to a nature park for a picnic or relax, or you can do a photo walk throughout the city. You can choose to take Instagrammable photos of yourself, the architecture, nature, or the people in your city.


Remember to Still Keep Safe

Though a lot of establishments are reopening now, we are still not completely safe from the virus. So, of course, we should still be cautious when going out. Remember to maintain social distancing and practice good hygiene at all times. We have to be considerate and respectful towards other people outside because not only do we want to keep ourselves safe from the virus, but we also would not want to spread it either.

Wear Your Personal Protective Equipment

At this point, PPE is part of everyone’s daily-carry (just like our wallets and our phones), but it’s not bad to always be reminded of it. Keep your face mask on you at all times, and it doesn’t hurt to bring some spares to be safe. A face shield helps a lot as well, so it’s best to consider using one. Gloves are another good layer of protection, especially if you know you’ll be touching a lot of surfaces.

Bring Your Own Hand Sanitizer

The best way to keep yourself safe from germs and bacteria is to stay clean and hygienic. A definite way to go about keeping yourself sanitized is by bringing your own spray-on hand sanitizer. This makes it convenient to whip out and store, especially during moments where you’re supposed to be on the go. It’s also a good idea to carry your own soap, as nothing beats the cleaning powers of old-school hand-washing.

Avoid Crowded Areas

Everyone’s avoiding crowded areas, but it can be extra difficult to avoid them when going out. However, by deliberately choosing lesser-known locations or by going to hidden spots, you’re not only avoiding crowds but discovering something new as well. Everyone’s hometown is filled with secret spots brimming with interesting things, making them the place you should definitely go to.

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