Things That You Can Do While You Cannot Travel Safely

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How the world has changed in the past twelve months is surreal. Travel bans have been lifted, but the government still warns about traveling solely for leisure. Travels should be kept to a minimum and should only be done for essential needs. Non-essential travels to certain countries are also being discouraged by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

Some countries are closing their doors to U.S. tourists. The cases of COVID-19 are still generally on the rise, with the total number of cases surpassing 20 million. Traveling can increase your risk of contracting the dreaded virus, so staying at home is still the best measure to protect yourself.

If you miss the soft kiss of the ocean breeze in the Maldives or walking down the cobbled steps of Italy, you are not alone. You can recreate your international travel experiences right from the comforts of your own home. All you need is some imagination and inspiration to get you through your travel slump.

  • Enjoy A Romantic Italian Dinner In Your Deck.

Recreate the ambiance of a magical courtyard Italian restaurant on your own deck. You can also set it up on your patio or your porch. You can go all out with sixteen courses if you wish, but two or three Italian dishes can do. Whip up a quick and easy risotto, Penne Arrabbiata, and braised beef. Enjoy the meal with a bottle of Merlot.

To complete the ambiance, hang some string lights or light a candle. You can play some relaxing Italian instrumental music in the background while you eat with your special someone or even on your own.

  • Indulge Yourself In A Home Spa Treatment.

You might not be able to go to an idyllic spa in Mexico or a traditional and relaxing spa somewhere in Asia with the current pandemic. However, you can recreate your favorite spa right in your own home. Though you need to visit a dermatologist for skin treatments such as acne scar treatment or laser skin therapy, there are other steps that you can do at home to show your skin some love.

Set up your bathroom for your self-care routines. Make sure that there is enough natural light coming in. It should be free of clutter to make it more relaxing and zen. Add some indoor plants to make your home spa space look and feel more tranquil and serene. You can add some potted snake plants, aloe vera, or ferns.

Stock up on spa essentials, such as Himalayan salt for your bath, essential-oil infused face masks, and nourishing body scrubs. Do not forget to stock on fluffy towels and robes as well.

Set the mood in your home spa with scented candles and some music. You can also diffuse aromatic essential oils in an ultrasonic diffuser to calm and relax you.

home spa

  • Watch Travel Movies And Documentaries.

You do not have to wait until the pandemic ends to explore the world. One of the safest ways to explore the world amidst the pandemic is from your couch. Binge on travel flicks from your streaming platform to cure your urge to travel. Bring out the popcorn and put your feet up as you explore real and fantastical places through movies and documentaries.

  • Write Your Own Travel Blog.

While you are waiting for the world to recover, why not document your past travels through a travel blog? Recall all the fun and adventure while sharing your experiences with others. Browse through your old photos and edit them to make them more appealing and attractive to your blog visitors.

If starting a blog site seems daunting to you, you can create a Facebook page or an Instagram account to create your travel diary. If you have taken videos of your travels, you can edit them, add some music and voice-overs, and start a vlog.

You can write your own reviews of the hotels and attraction sites that you have visited. Who knows, you might inspire an aspiring traveler to pursue their goals of exploring the world.

  • Read Travel Books.

Travel books can take you to places, explore different cultures, and cure your wanderlust while you are stuck at home. You can try ‘The Alchemist’ by Paolo Coelho, ‘The Art of Travel’ by Alain de Botton, and ‘Land of Lost Borders: A Journey on the Silk Road’ by Kate Harris. Grab a book on a lazy weekend, kick back, and relax with a hot cup of your favorite coffee.

  • Plan Your Next Travels.

While waiting for travels to be safer, why not plan for your next destination when the pandemic is all over? It will give you something to be busy with and something to look forward to. What are the places that you have not visited yet? Read travel blogs and reviews so that you will have an idea for your itinerary. Make it detailed so that you are all set to go when you finally get to book that flight.

Staying at home does not need to be dull. You can explore the world while staying safe. Use this time to learn about the new places you want to visit to be ready when the time comes.

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