Traveling in Style: A Millennial’s Guide to Fabulous Trips

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Although catching flights may be stressful, your travel wardrobe shouldn’t be. It’s still possible to look chic and stylish while rushing to your next scheduled flight, combating lengthy lines, braving non-existent legroom, and enduring long delays. As a millennial, all you need is to develop a ‘travel uniform’ and accessories that’ll bring you from point A to point B in style.

With a reliable line-up of airport-ready shoes, top-quality accessories, and stylish yet comfortable outfits—here’s how you can travel like first-class from head to toe.

Loose-Fitting Clothing for Comfort and Style

Before catching a cab to the airport, make sure to sport a comfortable outfit on, but you may wonder how you can do it in style. Investing in high-end loungewear can make traveling more comfortable than ever, without looking like you’ve just gotten out of bed. You can also go for loose and ‘layerable’ options.

Flat Shoes

Sometimes, people spend hours on end at the airport, which can be tiring and suffocating to your feet. So, though boots or stilettos may look cute with your outfit, it’ll make you feel tired and sore—fast.

When you visit parks and gardens, you’ll most likely walk on cobblestone paths, bricks, or many other surfaces that landscape pavers often build. But even then these can be challenging to traverse in heels, that’s why it’s best to invest in a pair of comfortable flat shoes to ensure you stay stylish and comfortable throughout your trip.

Plus, make sure it’s a slip-on to help you breeze through security if they ask you to take off your shoes.      However, if you’re’ traveling for a business trip and are running tight on storage, going for double-duty sneakers is an excellent choice as it lets you explore cities, your hotel, and hotel gyms with comfort and style. However, if you’re not keen on wearing chunky sneakers, invest in a pair of ribbed wool or top-quality cashmere socks.

Invest in a Luggage Set

Sporting a matching luggage set during your travels can bring out your inner jet-setter and improve your airport style game with ease. No matter if you’re in business or first-class groups, having luggage sets such a stylish tote and carry-in pair makes for a chic and functional way of traveling without checking bags constantly. Additionally, having a luggage set lets you quickly spot your valuables at the luggage carousel.

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Stock Up on Tech Accessories

From trendy camera bags to stainless steel water bottles, traveling in style is crucial for most millennials. It’s enough to be ‘cool,’ most also want to look the part. That’s why most stock up on travel accessories, which you should too! Millennial accessories range from noise-canceling headphones to battle through the travel blues—with Beats the most preferred brand among young adults, blocking out engine noises or noisy passengers while remaining stylish and convenient.

Besides phones and headphones, millennials also love packing travel tech like Tile, an activated tracker that you can place inside luggage, wallets, or passports to ensure extra security without being too obvious. Smart luggage is also becoming popular among millennials, allowing them to charge their gadgets straight out of the suitcase.

Don’t Forget Accessories for Comfort

Finally, nothing beats traveling in comfort and style by having your very own top-quality silk travel neck pillows and eye masks, making your first-class experience even more divine. Additionally, leather headphones and passports cases can keep your valuables stylishly organized and within your reach.

Having the right accessories allow any individual to feel and become a travel pro, helping you avoid last-minute purchases in the airport, enabling you to become fully stocked, prepared, and stylish.

The classic ‘airport outfit’ needs to be comfortable enough to wear on the plane and pulled-together to help you deplane at your destination in style, starting your journey with a bang—and the tips mentioned can help you get off with a great start.

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