Things to Do When Traveling without Your Car

travelling without a car

Whenever you travel, it is easy to think about where to go, how to get there, and what to do when you are already there. But the things you will be leaving behind may become a hassle, so much so that they sometimes hold you back from even planning a well-deserved trip. Your pets may be left with some friends, your home can be maintained by a trusted family member, but your car, one of your largest possessions, may be difficult to leave unattended due to the many reasons why you can’t bring it in the first place.

If you are planning a trip and will be leaving your vehicle behind, you may want to consider these options on how to keep your car safe and sound:

Short Term

Park It In Your Garage

If you are leaving for only a few days or weeks, it may be safe to park your car inside your garage. Provided that your home is a secure place and your garage can be locked tightly, you can be assured that your vehicle is well guarded, especially if you also asked someone to keep watch of your entire property.

But if for instance, your usual parking place is only a spot on the road in front of your home, you might have to look for another place to secure your vehicle to ensure its safety. Carport canopies as parking spaces in your home may provide more safety but only if you have a secure gate or fence surrounding your yard.

Leave It with a Friend

If you feel that your place is not secure enough to leave your car in without your presence, of course, you can leave it with a trusted friend or family. You can arrange to just park your car somewhere on their property until you get back if they have a secure space for your vehicle. Or you can give them your keys and let them manage your vehicle for convenience. This will be beneficial for both parties in situations that call for your car to be moved.

Leave It at Work

If you already have a reserved parking space in your workplace, you can try to negotiate with your employers if you can leave your vehicle there until you get back. Depending on the condition of the parking space, the security of the entire lot, and the terms that you reach with your employers, your workplace can be a safe place to leave your vehicle.

parked car

Park It in the Airport (or in an Off-Airport Parking)

Airports also have parking spaces that they rent out for those who will be leaving their car for travel. This can be convenient for when you will be driving yourself to the airport and when you don’t have anyone to fetch you once you get back. Off-airport parking spaces are also great options if they are less costly than if you park in the airport itself. You can also try to find hotels that rent out parking spaces for non-guests. In all of this, you only have to think of the costs and the level of security that your option can provide.

Long Term

Sell It

If you plan on traveling and leaving your car unused for a very long time, consider selling it. As most car owners know, a vehicle that is left unused for extended periods might damage it and cause you more problems in the future. The battery of your car will slowly discharge if you leave the terminals connected while not using the engine for a long time. If you leave it out in the open, exposed to the sun and rain, the paint will fade and soon deteriorate and crack which can leave it vulnerable to rusting.

The tires will lose air slowly. The mechanisms of the entire vehicle might also start to rust and cause failures that can be expensive to repair. So selling it should be an important option if your car won’t be used for a long time.

Rent a Garage

Renting a garage is also an option for those who want to keep their cars while traveling indefinitely. You can look up nearby homeowners that post listings on renting out their empty garage spaces. They may only offer the space itself but some can offer minor maintenance of your car if you negotiate with them. Or you can find underground parking lots that cater especially to long-term parking of cars that will not be used for a while. These lots are usually more secure but can cost more on your end.

The duration of your trip, the condition of the parking space, and your budget will all contribute to how you decide on where to leave your vehicle. But it is especially important to consider getting parked car insurance if you won’t be using your vehicle for a while as your normal auto-insurance may not cover damages that might be obtained while your car is not being used. Whatever car storage option you choose, the safety and security of your family should always come first.

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