Why the Hamptons Is the Go-to Getaway for the Elite

For individuals who grew up in the Northeastern part of the United States or those who know their way around New York, knowledge of the Hamptons may seem to come by default. However, for others, you may be wondering, what are the Hamptons? And why is it so popular among the elite?

The Hamptons consists of several bustling towns, quaint villages, and hamlets situated at the eastern end of Long Island. It’s famously known for its rural setting and amenities despite being only a little over an hour away from New York City. Plus, it’s also home to several opulent sites, from highly esteemed beaches to affluent golf clubs—it’s a common destination many elites seem to favor.

Although reasons may vary from person-to-person, here are some of the most common reasons why the elite has made the Hamptons their go-to destination.

Gorgeous Properties

Properties are well maintained in the areas. Beachfront cabanas have regular maintenance, such as bathroom or porch repair, whether you’re in New York or Salt Lake City, and the region of the Hamptons delivers. Although many Hamptons residents are wealthy, not everyone is, and people living in the area are of varying ages, tax brackets, and income levels. However, there’s one that’s for sure—the affluent borough is home to some of the most beautiful homes in the New York State.

These gorgeous properties are often close to beautiful white sand beaches and are situated in a remote place, making it the perfect place for the richest and elite to unwind and relax.


The coastal region is often associated with celebrity sightings. You can find that many of the rich and famous spend their holidays in the borough on their spacious estates. Jimmy Fallon and Alec Baldwin are some of the most notable celebrities that frequent in the area. Since some of the biggest stars are often seen here, expect the elite to follow.

Sophisticated Art Scene

The Hamptons is famous for its sophisticated art scene, with some of the most famous artists of all time residing in the area. These include Jackson Pollack, William de Kooning, and Lee Krasner. Now, their original artwork pieces are housed in several museums across the affluent borough. Although the Hamptons isn’t longer the artists’ haven it once was, there’s a wealth of art institutions and exhibits you can explore year-round, making it an inviting place for the richest and elite.

Top Class Vineyards and Winery

The Hamptons is famous for its gorgeous and top-of-the-class vineyards and winery, providing some of the most delicious blends in the city. South Fork alone is home to two notable vineyards that are open year-round, giving you a fresh taste of delightful wine whenever you please. Different vineyards and wineries offer different blends, but the most notable ones include Chardonnay, Merlot, Pinot Noir, and more.

The best part is, these places allow visitors to take a sip of their finest wine and stroll around their gorgeous properties privately—paving the way for the most affluent to enjoy good wine and atmosphere by themselves or with loved ones and friends.


When you visit the Hamptons, you can see and feel that there’s a real fresh air aspect to the place that you can’t just get in the city. Despite being relatively near to the bustling city of New York, the Hamptons is rich in natural surroundings, providing numerous nature preserves and parks, allowing you to take a walk, hike, or go biking in nature in the middle of a busy New York State.

Several wildlife refuges and beaches are also situated in the Hamptons—giving the elite the ultimate serene and ‘natural’ experience without straying too far away from the city.

An Overall Peaceful Place

Whether you’re visiting during the summer or cold winter, the Hamptons is a generally peaceful place. The residents are not as rambunctious as its neighboring New Yorkers, and the surroundings are usually quiet and peaceful, mainly because of its rural setting. Additionally, although many celebrities spend time in the Hamptons, you’ll notice that they aren’t being chased by paparazzi or getting bombarded by people—giving the place the ideal atmosphere for society’s elite.

Although the Hamptons may be just ninety minutes away from New York City, it’s like entering an entirely different and more refreshing part of the ever-bustling New York State when you visit the place. The destination boasts several gorgeous beaches, dramatic dunes, and unique famous light attracting stars from all around—making it understandably one of the most popular ‘go-to’ places of the famous, rich, and elite.

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