Patio Cover Ideas

According to the video, you have several cover options for patios. One of the easiest covers is the attached cover.

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These come directly off the home and connect to the patio when walking out the door. These are great for smaller patios, and they can allow you to keep out of the weather if you want to go out but not get wet or scorched by the sun.

Detached covers are another great idea for patios. These separate this space from the home, and make it require you to go outside away from the home. Detached patio covers allow you to make your own space as large as you want it, and you can customize the space more freely than with attached covers. You can have a higher cover to bring in a screen for movies, or different kitchen equipment that you want to cover in the space.

A two-room structure is another great option for patios. These covers allow you to open up the area for more space and sun exposure. They can also be enclosed to make the space more enclosed so you can enjoy this space when weather conditions aren’t the most favorable. It’s important to review the different cover options for patios when designing them.

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